In Greece, titles Are so changed... 
Sparking cyanide>>>> 6 suspects 
The man in the brown suit>>>> 5 fingers of satan
The mysterious affair at Styles>>>> Owl in chimney
By the pricking of my thumbs>>>> Angels Do Not talk too much
Cat among Pigeons >>>>>> At the asterism of virgin 


  • In Romania :

    The Moving Finger - The Hidden Hand
    The Hollow - The Mansion of The Hills 
    They Came to Baghdad - Meeting Place: Baghdad
    They Do It with Mirrors - Shots at Stonygates
    Destination Unknown - Mission Impossible
    Endless Night - The Hell of the Hidden Murders

  • Sad_CypressSad_Cypress Kauno Apskritis, Lithuania
    I just couldn't imagine anything else when I read "Mission Impossible" :D :D :D

  • what are u? we r discussing christie here....not mission imposible...mathay chchit acche na ki?
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  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States
    In many countries around the world, publishers change the titles to anything they want!  It's very confusing for readers when multiple publishers print the same book with different titles.
  • Sad_CypressSad_Cypress Kauno Apskritis, Lithuania
    I think maybe when the publishers translate the original title in their own language it doesn't sound good? In my country "The Moving Finger" is translated as "With One Finger". I assure you, if they had translated word in word as the original title, it would have sounded terribly.. :D
  • Yes, but some of those examples Stathis posted above though seem kind of extreme and don't seem to pertain to the story at all. E.g. how does "Owl in Chimney" relate to "The Mysterious Affair at Styles"??
  • FrankFrank Queensland, Australia
    GKCfan  that it's very confusing for readers when multiple publishers print the same book with different titles. Here are a few examples of AC books with different titles: The Sittaford Mystery also Murder at Hazelmoor, Lord Edgware Dies also Thirteen at Dinner,  Murder on the Orient Express also Murder in the Calais Coach, Why Didn't They Ask Evans? also The Boomerang Clue, Three Act Tragedy also Murder in Three Acts, Death in the Clouds also Death in the Air, The A.B.C. Murders also The Alphabet Murders.
  • come in middle east you will be surprised from this issue which is confusing
  • StathisZavitsanosStathisZavitsanos Attiki, Greece
    @maryamalbulushi talk to us about it :)
  • @StathisZavitsanos for example cards on table we have it as the fourth murderer !! and the hollow is murder in swimming pool !! and ofcourse there's more 
  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
    O am a bit confued, Is this a Thread for talking about what Books are called in other Countries or a Thread to come up with possible Titles as I can think of possible Titles for Agatha Christie Books
  • FrankFrank Queensland, Australia
    maryamalbulushi. I always knew that some of Agatha Christie's books were given different titles in different countries but I had no idea that when they were translated into different languages the story was altered as well.
  • StathisZavitsanosStathisZavitsanos Attiki, Greece
    @Tommy_A_Jones here we talk about titles in other countries.  
  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
    Oh right, Thanks
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