age before beauty part 1

author's note:please forgive the many spelling punctuation and grammar mistakes made.


The ringing sound violently vibrated through the entire room. To David it seemed like the shakings of a earthquake. David jumped up removed the ice pack from his head and hobbled over to the phone. He found it difficult to keep his balance. "Dammed drink" david exclaimed after picking himself up from the ground. His eyes were blurry.He was still tired and the bright sunlight didn't help. he swayed from side to side before finally reaching the phone and lifting it up to his ear only to violently pull it away as the banshee on the other side of the phone shrieked into his ear."Goddamn it woman" david barked "quiet down". the shrieking had now subsided into whimpering. the woman on the other end hesitated to speak again. "Well what is it" david shouted into the phone again after a prolonged silence. the voice came back sniffling and barely clear. "mr fanlock i'm afraid i have some bad news" "well whatever it is it can't be worth waking me up at"... david stopped. what time was it? As he looked at the clock his jaw nearly dropped. it was twelve o clock he was supposed to be at work two hours ago. "mr fanlock are you still there"? "well of course i'm still here now what do you want to tell me" david was already sick of that stupid sniffing voice he had bigger problems like how to get to work and convince his boss not to fire him.on the other side of the line he heard the irritating woman being replaced "mr fanlock this is mrs oarkson" david froze immediately he knew what the problem was. Mrs oarkson was the owner of taintact retirement home there would only be one reason why she would call. even so david refused to believe the next words that came out of her mouth. "i'm afraid your mother mary has passed away" the whole world seemed to stop and yet it seemed to whiz past david at the same time immediately he slammed the phone down and collapsed to the ground while not moving from the spot where he stood. immediately he ran over to his dresser and pulled out any cloths he could get his hands on. five minutes later he was in his car speeding to tainact wearing a jumper sandals and camo jeans. he rushed through the door up to room 84. mrs sweet the one who had rung david attempted to chase after him but was stopped by a authoritative hand on the shoulder by mrs oarkson. she was well experienced in these matters and knew that resistance usually only served to add unnecessary irritation. david burst through the door looked around the room and saw a white sheet with a big lump on the bed,a table with a teapot two teacups and biscuits on it, scattered photos from his youth and a elderly lady standing weeping in the middle of the room. what caught his attention most about her was her beauty something,david noted,that was unusual for a elder woman. he approached her cautiously he knew old people could be quite awkward sometimes. as he got close to her he saw into her face. she had red sore eyes and two parallel black lines of make up streaming down her cheeks. she had ruby red lips and was the absolute cliche of love stories. he began to introduce himself but was shocked as she seemed to know who he was. "i was a close friend of your mothers she told me all about you". she began " we used to have tea and biscuits together every saturday". she paused for a moments and wiped her cheeks with her handkerchief wiping off the two black lines in the process she then turned to david and apologized "i've just realized i haven't told you my name. its angela angela siren. but most people call me angel" "angel siren" david repeated "a beautiful name" david smiled. angel smiled too. it had been a while since she had had male company. he did not appear that good looking but she would take what she could get. "i must remember i am a aging woman" she thought to herself. immediately she thought of something "look this might seem sudden but since i don't have many visitors i was wondering if maybe youd like to come back tomorrow and have tea and biscuit with me in room 56" "well of you'd like we can go now after all were british and the british always have time for a cuppa" he laughed and angel soon joined in but in truth she did not find his joke all that funny. david thought she looked like a harpy when she laughed. he frowned what a odd comparison to make. why did he think that. he had heard that they were women of extreme beauty so that must have been why. "no" angel said apologetically "i'm afraid my room is not yet prepared for visitors". david's heart sank but he was reassured that tomorrow they would be reunited. disappointed david drove home. when he got there he was met with a surprise. at the door was none other then his colleague jack. "david where the hell have you been the boss nearly exploded when you didn't come in this morning" david attempted his best sad face accompanied by his best sad voice "sorry jack but you see my mother she passed away last night.". there was silence for a couple of moments. jack looked straight into david's eyes. shortly after he gave a short hearty laugh "yes i thought i recognised that face. tell me something david was there a girl at the funeral? no don't try to deny it i was a young man once too you know" david knew when he was beaten. he began to recount to jack everything about angel. when he had finished jack merely nodded and hung in head in thoughtful silence. after about a minute or two he looked at david at said "allright fanlock ill tell you what i can do. i can try to get that old brute barlow to give you bereavement leave so that way  you can spend as much time as necessary with that angel of yours". david went to bed that night with a smile wrapped around his face. one that refused to leave even when he awoke the next morning. 

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