age before beauty part 2

sorry this is quite short hope to have part 3 out next week

rushing to get dressed he tripped over numerous objects. when david left that morning he was smartly dressed in a 4 piece suit. he drove to taintact as fast as legally possible. he rushed calmly though the door. when he entered room 56 he was met with a  strange sight. a young girl of about 26 was there she was posed over the couch with a cushion in her hand. she hesitated and stammered. eventually she gave a out a small hello. david immediately recognized the voice. "you were the girl on the phone yesterday". the girl looked down at the ground. david knew he was right. "whats your name?" he asked polity regretting his reaction yesterday "its mariah. mariah sweet." the girl sad shyly. she smiled it had been a while since anyone had talked to her. not even mrs oarkson respected her. swiftly mrs siren came in to the room. she threw mrs sweet a sharp glance and sweet coincidentally remembered she had left the kettle in room 23 on and mrs karston would be cranky. when she had left angel smiled at david and guided him over to the couch. "oh darn that blasted woman has gone off with my cushion. and if you ask me shes gone off with a few other things too. not just my things but everyone's. you know it wouldn't surprise me if she stole from your dear mother after she passed." david was cruelly reminded of his mother's death,he had forgotten all about it,but her words had intrigued him. he inquired what she was referring too. "well" began angel. "for a while now things have been going missing from people. it started small. cushions flower pot s things like that. everyone thought they must have been misplaced. but then it grew. family heirlooms jewels necklaces wedding rings even photo frames were going missing. there was no doubt in our minds anymore it must be a thief and it all started since she came in. well we complained to miss oarkson but she wouldn't listen she thought we had read too many agatha christie books and thought ourselves as miss marple. but i tell you this young man i think she knows it as well. she doesn't want to admit it of course that would make her look bad. but she always has that look in her eye as soon as she looks at that girl. you know just before her death your mother said something to me something about-" the door creaked open "enter" shrieked mrs siren. it was mrs sweet. "you must forgive me but it seems i took your cushion when i left" "dump in on the chair over there and get out. and dont forget i'm watching you" when she had left  mrs siren mouth moved close to david's ear. "we can't talk anymore you never know who's listening." she moved away still looking at david still whispering she said "these walls have ears" she then said in her original voice " tea? one lump of sugar or two? biscuits?" tea was over quick david began to walk back to his car. he remembered the story angel had told him. he chuckled he didn't believe it of course but it was nice to let old ladies have their fun. he decided to walk in favour of the elevator. he needed to burn of that lovely cake angel had made for him. the stairs creaked under his weight.he stumbled. he held himself on with the banister rail which nearly came off he was halfway down the stairs when it happened the creaking got loader and more quick then suddenly he felt something hard hit him on the back of his head.

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