The Little Grey Cells Called Poirot

Part 1: Welcome to the Agatha Christie Galaxy...


The characters are little light blue grey cells that look like moving optic tentacle fingers with neon green eyes and elegant moustaches. Clues are like food pellets for the little grey cells.

     Perhaps, there must have been a design that all these little light blue grey cells were illuminating beings. The little grey cells were all glowing and all on the brink at the edge of space.

They were all blinking and all thinking about all of it.

While sinking into an oblivion of a million stars,  their thoughts came cross the mind of each one and other to have the same feeling all the time despite the space... Well, space is only really part of that grey matter. Space is like a mind.


            Phil was amazed how quickly his hard-earned work at the office went out so rapidly. Bags of clues filled the starry streets.  Coffee was ever so costly but a hamburger was affordable. Phil ate what he could have; mostly protein. Phil went inside McDonald's to grab a hamburger. Ahead of him in line was some strange looking little light blue grey cell with enormous moustaches who ordered a double hamburger. For Phil, one single hamburger was a mouthful even if it had a leftover piece of rotten lettuce on it, he’d eat it. Honestly Phil was starving. Phil observed as the hamburger grillers grilled pieces of slam ham at 200 degrees on a metallic slab. Phil was so hungry. Carbohydrates and proteins, thought Phil, he must have something to eat. When Phil finally ordered his meal: one single hamburger, he stood by a white disc table eating. As Phil ate the hamburger, he looked up to view a little grey cell with the enormous moustaches. He wondered about those moustaches.

            As Phil finished the hamburger, the little grey cell with the enormous moustaches approached Phil. 

            "Hello," the little grey cell with enormous moustaches announced, "I am Hercule Poirot."

            "Hello," smiled Phil.

            Poirot presented Phil with a digitalized card that read:

 . M. Poirot Investigations

            Supra Astro-Auf-Naxos 

         700 Agatha Christie St, suite #19

          Lon-Don-Cosmo City A73


            "Thank you," was the only thing Phil could have thought to utter.

            "You are most welcome."

            Poirot wiggled his moustaches and watched as Phil slid out of McDonald’s.  Poirot had  been staring very suspiciously at a list that Poirot had thought, Phil might have left behind....

            -Follow Miss Ratchett’s steps

            -Steal Miss Ratchett’s ring

            -Grab Miss Ratchett’s nail polish

            -Snatch Miss Ratchett’s bracelet  

            -Pick Miss Ratchett’s credit card

            -Collect Miss Ratchett’s key

            -Acquire Miss Ratchett’s glasses

            -Possess Miss Ratchett’s nails

            -Pinch Miss Ratchett’s gems

            -Fetch Miss Ratchett’s C.D.

            -Assume Miss Ratchett’s identity

            -Poison Miss Ratchett’s drink

             "Very strange, indeed," Poirot had thought. 



  • A LED light was flickering softly in the corner of the restaurant. Glowing, Inspector Japp was occupied with trying to fix the light coming from the lamp. The LED light had ring-shaped fixtures. Customization units are complimentary.

                Poirot once again re-enters McDonald's and after ordering a double  hamburger, he stood by the white disc table Poirot re-analyzed a list he had formulated.

                Poirot stared hard into his mind concerning the unknown. Poirot swallowed the last bite of his double hamburger. Poirot thought and thought.

                Suddenly Poirot was interrupted at the mention of his name.

                "My word! Poirot," Inspector Japp came across.

                "Aha! The good chief Inspector Japp," murmured Poirot, "you are here."

                "Poirot eats a hamburger," laughed Japp, "ha-ha. You're not on a case, are you now?"

                "Ah, the good inspector mocks my intelligence," Poirot looked up. "No, I am simply on leisure."

                "Of course, you are, Poirot!" mused Japp. "What are you trying to solve: the case of the missing hamburger? Ha ha ha."

                "Yes," Poirot laughed, too. "Someone- I do not know who- must have eaten my hamburger before my very eyes. I will get to the bottom of this!"

                "Well, if you ask me," Japp joked on, "it was the silly sluggard with the twisted look sitting over there."

                Poirot and Japp both looked in the corner to see a fat little grey cell with crumbs spewing out its mouth. For a moment, they both stared at that fat little grey cell and then later laughed.

                "Well, inspector," Poirot continued, "the case is closed. The culprit has been sought out."

                "If you really want to catch a criminal," Japp was serious now, "I'll have you know who I am seeking."

                "Pray tell, inspector," Poirot listened.

                "You can't miss him, Poirot," Japp now familiarized with Poirot, "for he has huge white teeth and cunning smile."

                This bit of admittance was new and somewhat interesting to Poirot. Poirot remembered Hastings whom he had seen skating on the ice rink.

                "I've seen him."

                "You have?" Japp desperately inquired.

                "Oh, yes, inspector," Poirot centered his eyes close together to view the two curling tips of his moustaches. "I had seen him at the ice skating rink."

                "Well, I'll be!" Japp was not at all surprised. "So, he is in Lon-Don-Cosmo City after all."

                "Tell me of his crime," wondered Poirot.

                "Between you and me, Poirot," Japp whispered, "I think he is the conspirator."

                "Are you sure, inspector?" Poirot's eyes lit up.

                "Oh, yes," Japp assured, "he was last seen by Miss Lemon on Dema-Troy. He almost practically scared little Miss Lemon to death. He was dark and at the time had razor sharp nails..."

                "Hmm," Poirot mentioned gravely and quoted, "and 'death marks us all,' that's his catch phrase, isn't it?"

                "Oh, yes, that's him alright." Japp looked at Poirot seriously, "and he was right there in front of you and you have let him get away."

                "Oh, inspector," Poirot headed out to leave McDonald’s, "you'll have to excuse me but I do not believe he may have been the conspirator..."

                "His name is Hastings," Japp went on, "you be sure to connect with me if you meet him once again."

                "No, inspector," Poirot dared, "there must have been someone else behind it all..."

  • Poirot readily set his mind to set upon an actual and real goal to capture this conspirator so then he will truly rest the little grey cells. Poirot could not focus enough to keep rhythm in this city. If Poirot were to catch the conspirator, he must not follow a routine nor a choreographed procedure. Poirot would not compute in his mind these strategies. If Poirot steadied the pace then he will have gotten further from the truth than he may have already known.

                Poirot looked further into the list once again. Poirot had already attained information about the suspects and their own behaviors; and from that knowledge as he had acquired, he started to investigate certain principles about the truth so he can apply to conduct a very similar belief in existence.

                Poirot looked out at that astrocyte world where all the little grey cells consumed clues for all types other than nutrition, mainly used for such as power boosters for short distance fuel of a space ship. Everything may be disappearing except star speck clues containing all types of chemical compounds. The little grey cells have only interpreted the space world speculatively in numerous ways; the point, however is to change it.

                Poirot looked out the space window…. Poirot pondered.

  •   (Part 2)

    The Agatha Christie Mystery Train

                At Inastar-Aldos Space Train Station sitting on the steps of a METREON plank, Miss Lemon let out her tears dripping down the lines of the planks. As a thousand faces with a thousand eyes surround her, Miss Lemon cannot bear to look at what has happened since then. Miss Lemon looked at the little grey cells with smiley clocks floating above their eyes and wondered when the space train was to depart.

                Miss Lemon is a pretty grey cell receptionist depicted as seeing with enormous black elliptical and explosive eyes that two white wide pupils. Miss Lemon was wearing a big, very fashionable and flocculently, neatly spanned white lasso bow tied around her neck. Miss Lemon had four computers; she was the liveliest anyone may have just seen. Miss Lemon also managed pretty, pink galaxy nail shop. She was utmost meticulous about how business ought to be run but there is so much more about her. Miss Lemon and Babosa were friends.

                This was the main center platform where main terminal space highway travels beyond to other astrocyte worlds; all Miss Lemon had to do was catch the space train.    Passengers were unloading suitcases from their astro-terrain vehicles far off in the distance and waited alongside the track platform. Against the dark spacey sky, a little grey cell stringed a guitar as two vagabond star musicians performed tricks on space skateboards. Miss Lemon stood there in horror looking at all that surrounds her where one little grey cell got stuck in the railings.

                Miss Lemon looked closely at her own suitcase containing the star speck clue. Miss Lemon watched in the crowd as one little grey cell in the distance glared at her suspiciously. Miss Lemon viewed that little grey cell much closer than before: he had enormous moustaches. Miss Lemon then looked away as she must have had to giggle.

                Upon seeing her at the Inastar-Aldos Space Train Station, Miss Lemon watched as Babosa approached the ticket sales counter booth. Babosa wore a long draping scarf and her lips looked as if they seemed a dark pale blue color. The scarf wrapped around her like a coat, Babosa held a ticket.

                The dangling mystery is revealed as Miss Lemon looks through the space glass dividing her and Babosa. Her fate was sealed. Babosa was most severely ill.

                Babosa looked at Phil who was in line at the ticket sales booth.

                Babosa encountered untold obstacles as her lung became intoxicated with star dust toxins. Babosa was so out of breath, she could have hardly related to Phil what had been on her mind.

                "If I can only get there on time," Babosa explained, "I don't know what to do about Hastings..."

                "You have your own life to worry about," Phil looked straight into Babosa's eyes, "let all others worry about their own fates."

                "But it's my fault, Phil," Babosa appeared to be in a terrible state as she hid her eyes in shame, "I have to remain the same upon all my hopes- I've tried to reach him..."

                "No, Babosa," Phil soothed, "he's got to be responsible for his own actions. He's got to accept his star destiny. It is not your burden to bear any responsibility on his behalf. Do not concern yourself anymore; yes, it is shameful but such is life."

                At Inastar-Aldos Space Train Station, all the space passengers travelling board the space train. The cosmic mysterious train, Cosmo-Orient Express was headed following its destination across the Cosmic Slime River Trail towards Slugypt. 

                Babosa, Miss Lemon, Marlinka, Poirot, Phil and Ratchett all boarded the space train. Inspector Japp was last to board.

                Marlinka set up her satellite on top of the dining car. 

                "Why fly I?" Marlinka asked Poirot.

                "I, too," Poirot said, "will catch this space train, the Cosmo-Orient Express."

                Phil doesn't know yet but his employer, Ms. Ratchett, was about to be murdered...

                Miss Lemon screams because of what she thinks she saw: a space monster right outside the train.  Miss Lemon saw a giant space crab monster: Ghanmaggo has a horrible monstrous snapping claw.

                Poirot saw as the gigantic space train pulled into the Inastar-Aldos Space Station. A gust of smoke spired out of the top of a lit wagon conductor locomotive front side engine chamber with a triangular nozzle-nosed head. The space train pointed space forward in a front eastern directional array of lights. Poirot wiggled his moustaches as he boards the unusually crowded space train; destination to Slugypt. 

                There must be an introduction to the space opera mystery adventure. A speeding space train is travelling through outer space. Poirot, the crime solving detective, strangely notices a strange masked thief enter the space train at the Inastar-Aldos Space Station. 

                Poirot separated the ideas he gathered about certain letters assigned on the side of space train.

                A.C. S.W. G.O. J.P. P.T.

                What does it all mean? Perhaps, Poirot worried about nothing at all. Maybe there are clues.

                Poirot was reading a novel; the greatest story ever told; Aida. It includes the pyramids, the river slime and characters such as those already on board.

                The passenger list was extensive, Poirot noted a couple of names.

                Poirot heard Babosa talking to someone right outside the train.

                "It's too complicated," Babosa was saying. 

                "We have to get through with it," that mysterious passenger had said to Babosa.

                "I just can't..." Babosa looked desperate.

                "Just this one time," again the mysterious passenger had said.

                "Alright," Babosa pursued her lips, "but only when it's all over..."

  •    Then there was also Colonel Race who was about to board the space train. When the space train had lifted off the Inastar-Aldos space Station, it was Colonel Race who had snuck on board. Colonel Race had not gotten a ticket to ride the Cosmo-Orient Express space train because he was not allowed to. The train was said to be unusually crowded and full. Colonel Race had almost wanted to cry. Colonel Race had wanted to go see his Great Aunt Josephine, on Slugovia. Colonel Race was staring at the space train as it was about to lift off. Colonel Race was not sure if he had enough bravery but he had to by whatever means necessary to get to Slugovia. Colonel Race could not count on Hastings anymore. Colonel Race saw that Hastings was talking to himself and at times even trying to battle himself. Colonel Race thought he was crazy but Colonel Race realized that Hastings must have been even crazier. Whatever happened back on that astrocyte, Whrel, Colonel Race and Hastings had separated. The space train was about to lift off. Colonel Race had no choice. He had to do what he had just done.

                Colonel Race jumped onto the side of the space train luggage car and snuck inside. Colonel Race thought about what kind of consequences he might have to answer when he was discovered as a stow-away aboard the space train. And the Cosmo-Orient Express train tooted; and the  train horn blared resound at the Inastar-Aldos Space Station as it lifted off the platform and headed into outer space.

                At the very last moment of lift off, the bandit snuck climbing onto the side of the space train. One on each side of his eyes, he was masked and had snuck into the luggage car. Colonel Race was surprised to see a bandit climb in after him. That masked thief had snuck in through a window of one of the passengers' chambers.

                "Shh!" said the bandit unto Colonel Race.

                Colonel Race simply watched as the masked thief disappeared.

                That bandit was depicted wearing two black striped bars over his two beady eyes. It is no mystery of any kind of what kind of character this might be. He was a thief. He was a criminal. He was up to no good.

                Phil looked at Poirot’s novel briefly.

                "It's always about the space monsters!" said Phil, "why?"

                What if Miss Lemon took the star speck clue and turned into a nine-eyed monster? There are these little thoughts that she cannot overcome to let her pass by. She felt that she was beginning to form a supernatural mind. 

                By taking the clues of truth, these little grey cells living and thinking will come to realize how different each thought will have been according to a self-conscious view of each one and other. 

                "This can't happen to me," Miss Lemon would have screamed, "this must be a dream!"

                What if Babosa took a star speck clue. Babosa would have probably wanted to have a fight against Miss Lemon. It would have to be a classic diva versus Vida fight.

                "All along I have had monsters," Marlinka realized, "and I may have answered where they come from: cells."

                Poirot shook his head. What a bunch of nonsense.

                Poirot had been in chambers. Poirot has his wits about him. Poirot had combed his moustaches gently for some time. Poirot has not cut the moustaches for some time.

                "I cannot imagine why I look so great in these moustaches," Poirot viewed himself through the space window.

                Inspector Japp peered in and laughed.

                “You’re full of it, Mister Poirot!”

                Poirot can imagine a set of methods.

                Any type of accommodations, a steward computer who would easily work for him; such as technological wheel carts will help Poirot perform his tasks efficiently and properly can address any problem with severe attention and detailed manner to any disposition Poirot may have. Poirot was allowing himself to reflect upon his own ideas. Poirot especially felt most creative as he thought about the clues.

                Anyway, on the train, a reunion of supposed long time passed friends came together. Phil, Babosa and Marlinka acted as if nothing ever happened between each other. Miss Lemon was pretending to like Babosa. 

                Babosa was not at all angry at Miss Lemon. Miss Lemon hardly noticed Marlinka. Marlinka cared to notice Miss Lemon but had not uttered a word of disrespect to any one of the passengers. Poirot found it very curious how all the passengers seemed to get along.    All got along, except one, Ms. Ratchett. Ms. Ratchett appeared to be the most suspicious of them all. Miss Ratchett contracted Phil as a secretary.

                Ms. Ratchett was carrying a secret program disc containing the plans to reload a new G.L.O.B.E. Ms. Ratchett  wanted to contract Poirot with a secretive task. There was something sinister about what Ms. Ratchett had asked Poirot to do that Poirot viewed Ms. Ratchett as a terrible oppressor.

                "Why can't you help me, Mister Poirot?" Ratchett asked the detective.

                "I simply do not agree with your intentions," and Poirot refused blankly.

  •        "AHHH!" Miss Lemon screamed and screamed. "AHHH!"

                A masked thief was about to steal an object from Miss Lemon's suitcase. That fiend had not wanted to come through the space window of the space train instead he used a mechanical claw attached to a chain linking metallic cable. That cable ejected out of the side of the space rotary car that he had deliberately parked along aside Miss Lemon's chambers space window. That masked thief had snatched up the object inside Miss Lemon's suitcase. Then faster than that, he had escaped. And Miss Lemon was in tears.

                "AHHH! Oh, my cosmos!" Miss Lemon screamed.

                Poirot heard a damsel in distress and rushed to see if Miss Lemon was okay. 

                Miss Lemon looked over a computer monitor screen to see an enormous pair of moustaches.

                "What happened?" Poirot asked.

                "Oh," Miss Lemon started, "the most horrible thing has happened. I cannot express enough how desperate I am. I need your help, Poirot, somebody just snatched up something right out of my suitcase."

                "Somebody?" Poirot inquired, "who?"

                "Ahh," Miss Lemon cried, "the thief wore a black bandit mask..."

                "Aha!" Poirot exclaimed whilst naming that masked thief, "X!"    

                "Why! See! I saw him escape with-" Miss Lemon was interrupted.

                "Tell me, Miss Lemon," Poirot demanded, "tell me the contents of the suitcase; tell me what he stole from you!"

                "It was..." Miss Lemon was crying, "it was the star speck clue."

                "Quick!" Poirot said, "we've not a moment to lose. We've got to catch him!"

                "X, why! see... he was right outside the window," Miss Lemon explained, "he's gone."

                "That's what happened, eh?" Poirot said.

                "Oh, yes," Miss Lemon kept crying, "I've never seen him before at all. I didn't even know anyone could have known what I kept in my suitcase."

                "That's what the most astonishing thing is," Poirot raged.

                "Oh," Miss Lemon cried and cried, "how could I have known this was going to happen?"

                "Oh, you- sufferable little ninny!" Poirot raged further, "how could you have brought it on board?"

                "What else was I supposed to do with it?" Miss Lemon was slightly concerned.

                "I am sure of it, now," Poirot sustained his moustaches, "You have no idea what exactly it is..."     

                "What is it?" Miss Lemon seemed slightly confused, too.

                "The star speck clue..." Poirot said.

                "Yes," Miss Lemon said, "that was in my suitcase..."

                "Has now fallen into the tentacles of a devious criminal..." Poirot said gravely.

                "Who is it?" Miss Lemon was curious.

                "X," Poirot said finally after a long pause, "I will find your clue, Miss Lemon..."

                "Oh, thank you, thank you so much, Mister Poirot!" Miss Lemon was excited.

                Poirot had to find out who X was. Poirot wanted to help Miss Lemon find the stolen star speck clue. What was so special about that star speck clue that Miss Lemon had carried? It is almost impossible to believe that Miss Lemon had wanted to keep the clue instead of consuming it. Poirot found it so strange that Miss Lemon just wanted to keep the clue as if it was precious and rare jewel. Not only did Poirot stumble upon the mysterious case of the stolen star speck clue but Poirot was about to discover that one of the passengers aboard the space train will have been suddenly found murdered.

  •    In the dining car of the space train, Inspector Japp held a revolver over Hastings who had just jumped through the space window. That was strange.

                "I cannot imagine a finer galaxy than this," Inspector Japp speculated, "it has all the essentials. Hardly would I have thought to come running into you, Hastings, once again."

                Hastings was cornered against the wall. Pointing straight at Hastings was a deadly bullet inside a TEFLORIN steel revolver that Inspector Japp held.

                "You had never let me finish to congratulate you on your excellent endeavors," continued Inspector Japp.

                "Enough!" Ms. Ratchett shouted. "I don't care if it's Hastings's fault to what happened to the G.LO.B.E. systems."

                Inspector Japp turned to look at Ms. Ratchett.

                "Then, what should we do to him?" Inspector Japp insisted.

                "All we have to do," Ms. Ratchett said, "is take his space ship away from him."

                Ms. Ratchett must have seriously thought about what she had just said to the inspector. Hastings knew what happened. Hastings knew that it was too late now. The A-73 spaceship, the Stargrowler was a living flying space thing. 

                Stargrowler was sleeping in deep outer space. Hastings smiled.

                "It has already gone missing..." Inspector Japp started.

                Inspector Japp's angry eyes stared at Hastings's eyes viciously.

                "Where is it?" Inspector Japp demanded once again.

                Hastings blinked and blinked and Hastings smiled but Hastings did not think about anything. Hastings was completely blank and totally thoughtless. Hastings was the only one who could have thought of absolutely nothing; that is why Hastings was powerful enough to defeat Hokkroymer, the space whale monster.

                "Well?" Ms. Ratchett became impatient.

                "He hasn't uttered a word," Inspector Japp reported, "ever since he jumped through that window."

                Ms. Ratchett looked at Hastings closely.

                Hastings lately lowered his interests. Hastings was not rendering much as he might have liked before. Hastings made it on his own as possibly the best he could ever have had. Best star wishes do come true as Hastings tried to accomplish a senseless purpose: to travel throughout the stars on a space train with these two thugs but he had held silence and peace in mind for some considerable time. Hastings missed his previous state of being. He was afraid of the outcomes of his motionless dark actions proceeding the next endeavors of the most thoughtful worries… 

                To be independent, Phil did not seem to care what was taking place.

                “He won’t budge…” Marlinka said, "He’s always been that way." 

                Hastings just needed some extra space where he can stay up all the time soaring through the galaxies. 

                What will it take Hastings to finish the long universpheric journey?

                Hastings was a self-starter like an engine aboard a space ship.

                Hastings wished he could just climb on the equal sides of the space cliffs and ride on the space ship, Stargrowler, and fly into the universe without ever a concern nor a fear running across his mind.

                Marlinka noticed that Hastings was lost in foreshadowing thought; and there he was getting himself into his own solitary compartment.

                Hastings wanted to rush into things but he cannot fit into this ritual space train passenger inconvenience. Perhaps Hastings was becoming more susceptible to Marlinka. There was an overwhelming barrier that Marlinka had crossed as something dark steered Hastings into dark starry paths…

                "Perhaps," Ms. Ratchett looked over to the inspector, "I will have to get off at the next space station, after all."

                Ms. Ratchett was about to exit the dining car as the inspector had to ask.  

                "We will leave him on that space station, won't we?"

                "Maybe," Ms. Ratchett looked certain, "unless you can find a way to coerce him to tell us where that spaceship may just be."

                "I think I may know how..." Inspector Japp smiled at Hastings.

                Ms. Ratchett and Inspector Japp caught a glimpse of Hastings smiling ever so brightly but suddenly there came a darkness over him. It would appear the space train was passing through a space tunnel that it was dark for a few moments. It was very dark for a few moments. It was very dark and silent for a few moments. Then it happened.

  • And in the darkness a murderer appeared before Ms. Ratchett.

                "I ex scratch you out!" that killer snickered.

                That fiend stood right next to Ms. Ratchett. The villain looked straight into Ratchett's eyes.  A black pistol was being pointed straight at Ms. Ratchett. The pistol was so close, Ratchett could almost have felt the edge hit her eye. 

                "Uggh!" Ratchett let out instantly.

                "I expel you," the fiend snickered, "excuse me, Ms. ex-con Ratchett, but it's expected you will die."

                "Please," Ms. Ratchett said shaking, "what have I done to you?"

                "Exactly nothing," the villain kept on snickering, "it's just about getting even, isn't it?"

                Ms. Ratchett gasped. Ratchett had suddenly realized who her killer was.

                "Oh, no!" Ratchett shook one last time.

                The assassin was ready to fire.

                "Shoot him!" a voice called out of nowhere.

                "Stop right there!" the little detective yelled.    


                And in the slight darkness, the fiend turned around to see the enormous moustaches upon the face of Poirot.

                The villain shot Ratchett anyway.

                Hastings was in the dining car. 

                Inspector Japp was in the dining car. 

                Marlinka stood apparently in the dining car.

                Ms. Ratchett was dying.

                "Mar-ha- uggh!" Ratchett uttered her last words, "you- vile little one... Mar-Hadon Prison!"

                Ms. Ratchett was found dead in the dining car.

                A poisoned sandwich laid on the floor beside the dead body.

                And then X had to have thought that Poirot did not really suspect him at all. Or did he? It was too curious to even think about. Then again, X had not really seemed to care about the consequences of his actions. Who was X, anyway? X could have not been part of Poirot’s mysterious imagination.

                Poirot rushes over to Ratchett as X escaped out the window.

                "I was too late!" Poirot exclaimed.

                Poirot looked at Marlinka.

                Marlinka blinked once and wondered what Poirot might have happened to see.

                "Quick, Marlinka," Poirot called out, "get doctor Monkton."

                Marlinka went out to fetch doctor Monkton. 

                Poirot looked out the space window watching as a tiny space ship soared out in the distance.

                "We have to catch him!" yelled Inspector Japp.

                "Him?" Poirot asked, "him? who?"

                "Who was that?" Hastings said.

                "It was X," Poirot said as he watched Marlinka entering the dining car with doctor Monkton.

                Poirot must have realized it was impossible to catch X.

                "Doctor Monkton," Poirot said, "any way Ms. Ratchett could still be alive?" 

                "Let me look at him," Monkton said.

                Monkton looked at Ms. Ratchett who was dead. Monkton examined the dead body. Ms. Ratchett’s eyes were all shriveled up dry and laying a pool of blood. Ms. Ratchett appeared to have been shot with thirty- five caliber SALTILYCIZINE bullet straight into the eye sockets.

                "No," Monkton sadly reported, "this poor sluggard must have died instantly." 

                "Ms. Ratchett is dead!" Poirot puffed up, "that vile little one... that murderer! X! This is going on his conscience."

                "If he has any," Monkton remarked.

                "Eh?" Poirot grumbled, "you think a murderer has no conscience, eh? That is why he will go on killing and killing, eh?"

                "Perhaps," Monkton agreed, "that is why."

                "That is why," Poirot interrupted, "I who have a full and good conscience will have to catch this murderer! This X. Why, see!"

                "See what?" Marlinka wondered. 

                "You must see, doctor," Poirot resumed, "that the next victim is one of us."

                "Who? Me?" Monkton looked worried.

                "What!" Hastings frowned, "no way!"

                "Oh, whatever, Poirot!" Inspector Japp evaded the thought.

                "Or, alas, perhaps, even me!" Poirot gravely said.

                "Not me, either!" Marlinka mocked.

                "Yes," Poirot said.

                Poirot looked into Marlinka's spectacles.

                Marlinka looked at Monkton.

                Monkton looked at Hastings.

                Hastings looked at Inspector Japp.

                Inspector Japp looked at Poirot.

  • "Stop it!" Japp cried out.

                "Perhaps it was even you, X, might intend to murder next!" Poirot said to everyone.

                "Oh, my-!" Marlinka pretended. "I have to hide so X won't find me."

                "Not even if you hide," Poirot looked further and further into Marlinka's spectacles, "X will find you here inside this space train alone in a devastating corner and shoot you straight in the eye. And without noticing for a slight moment... and suddenly in a twinkling of an eye, X will shoot. And Poof!"

                "Ha ha," Hastings laughed.

                "Whoa!" Inspector Japp was amused.

                "You will be dead." Poirot said at last.

                Marlinka was totally fascinated in what Poirot had just accounted. Poirot had reminded Marlinka of something mysteriously ominous. Perhaps Poirot might have accounted his chilling tattle to frighten Marlinka. Marlinka was too sinister to have been hinted of any possible fear to strike deep into his own deep dark conscience.

                "I think not!" Marlinka uttered.    

                "You must be careful," Poirot looked at Hastings, Monkton, and Inspector Japp, "because when you least expect it, it will come to be seen when you will have been caught with X and there will be nothing to believe except the truth."

                Perhaps Poirot thought he must have seen something twitching in Marlinka's spectacles. Perhaps it was an eye twitching. Marlinka's eye was twitching. Marlinka looked at Poirot's enormous moustaches.

                "Who are you?!" Marlinka demanded.

                "I am Hercule Poirot!" Poirot attested, "I am a detective."

                Poirot had no other thought than to have suspected every passenger aboard the space train.

                What was Hastings doing on board the space train dining car? Poirot noted that Hastings and Inspector Japp were in the dining car when Ratchett was found dead. Marlinka also was noted as suspicious for being in the dining car.

                "Who was she?" Poirot asked Inspector Japp.   

                "Who? She who?" Inspector Japp was puzzled. "Ms. Ratchett?"

                "She who was taken in by captain Hastings to Mar-Hadon Prison," Poirot said.

                "Oh," Inspector Japp was really confused about the kinds of questions Poirot asked, "he was some pathetic little nobody who tried to disable G.L.O.B.E. systems."

                "Oh," Poirot motioned, "a conspirator?"

                "Yeah," Inspector Japp confirmed, "he's locked up for all eternity in Mar-Hadon Prison."

                "Are you sure, inspector?" Poirot had gravely asked the inspector.

                "Of course," Inspector Japp was astounded, "I was there, myself."

                "What if the conspirator escaped..." Poirot looked at the dead body of Ratchett.  

                "Impossible," Inspector Japp looked at Poirot who was looking at the dead body.

                No one could have possibly escaped from Mar-Hadon Prison Prison...

                "Did the conspirator tell you anything that you must have found more than extra-ordinary?"  Poirot asked.

                Inspector Japp started to remember something.

                "Yeah," the inspector said, "something about some Sidol-Twin brother coming to rescue him... and destroying G.L.O.B.E. systems together."

                Inspector Japp looked up at Hastings.

                "Uh- wait- could it be possible that-" Japp was looking straight out the window, "that cannot be- it's impossible."

                "Nothing is impossible," Poirot pressed, "everything is possible."

                Poirot winked at Hastings a hint.

                "I think he must have escaped," Hastings suddenly said to Poirot, "because the inspector here is very slow..."

                Hastings smiled at the inspector and slipped out of the dining car.

                "He?" Poirot was serious. "He? Who?"

                "The conspirator is-" Inspector Japp dashed off to chase Hastings, "is getting away..."

  •     Upon word that Ms. Ratchett was found dead, Phil had quickly entered Ms. Ratchett's chambers to find X opening a suitcase. Phil saw a bandit steal the black floppy disc from out of the suitcase.

                "Stop, thief!" Phil shouted.

                Poirot imagined as X suddenly looked at Phil with a deep and concentrated stare. X snickered as he escaped out the space window and when Phil looked out the window there was nothing in sight.

                "That's what happened," Phil later told Poirot, "after Ms. Ratchett was said to be dead, I rushed to these chambers to see if something might have happened to the secret program disc-"

                "Containing the plans to reload" Poirot  interrupted.

                "Yes," Phil slowly acknowledged.   

                Phil was surprised that Poirot knew of the secret disc. But why should Phil be surprised?  Poirot was a detective, after all.

                "And there he was-" Phil went on, "this masked thief escaping out the window with the disc."

                "Did anyone except you and Ms. Ratchett know about the disc?" Poirot asked Phil seriously.

                "I don't think anyone knew about that disc," Phil stated, "it was a secret, after all, even though Ms. Ratchett had not truly confided in me, I told no one about it however I am not certain about what I am going to tell you but I think Inspector Japp might have known about the disc..."

                "That's interesting..." Poirot remarked.

                Poirot investigates. One by one, Poirot questions the passengers who are all possible suspects aboard the space train. Any one of the passengers could have murdered Ms. Ratchett. But wasn't it X?

                "Did you know Ms. Ratchett?" Poirot asked.

                "No," answered Babosa.  

                "Did you know that Ms. Ratchett was found dead?" Poirot interrogated.

                "Oh, my cosmos!" Miss Lemon was horrified, "dead!"

                "Did you know Ms. Ratchett was murdered?" Poirot questioned.

                "Murdered! That's awful," Phil said.

                "Did you know Ms. Ratchett was shot with a bullet that had thirty-five grains of salt inserted on to it?"  Poirot asked.

                "Both eyes?" Marlinka wondered.

                "Yes," Poirot responded, "Both eyes. Does that trouble you?"

                "A little bit..." Marlinka twisted his face a little.

                "Did you know Ms. Ratchett was murdered in the dining car?" Poirot continued.

                "I'm not sure who would have done such a thing. I certainly had nothing against him," Phil said.

                "Do you know of anyone who might have wanted to kill Ms. Ratchett?" Poirot persisted.

                "No," Phil said.

                "Do you remember where you were when Ms. Ratchett was murdered?" Poirot kept on. 

                "No," Babosa said, "but I wasn't in the dining car."

                "I wasn't in the dining car, either," said Miss Lemon conclusively.

                "I was away from wherever Ms. Ratchett was murdered," Phil said.

                "I was on top of the dining car, I didn't see who murdered Ratchett," Marlinka stated.

                "In other words," Poirot finally pressed everyone with a final question, "you did not murder Miss Ratchett?"

                "No," Babosa said.

                "Nope, I didn't," Phil said.   

                "Not at all," Hastings said.

                "Oh, my-! No!" Miss Lemon screamed.

                "No," Marlinka said.

                Poirot looked away.

  •            Miss Lemon found Colonel Race hiding in the luggage car.

                "What are you doing here?" Miss Lemon asked him. 

                "I-uh-well-" Colonel Race saw Poirot looking at some suitcases.

                "You're a stow-away..." Miss Lemon whispered.

                "Yep," Colonel Race admitted, "the  train was full but I got on anyway. That didn't stop me, because, you see, I have to go to Slugovia to see Auntie Josephine. Don’t tell anyone, Miss Lemon, that I’m here."

                "Oh, my gosh!" Miss Lemon felt sympathy, "you're gonna get found out by the detective."

                "That's my fault," Colonel Race said.

                "Oh, my, Colonel Race!" Miss Lemon screamed, "there's a thief on board!"

                Colonel Race had thought he had better not mention that he also saw a masked thief get on with him at Inastar-Aldos space station.

                "It's awful," Miss Lemon shuddered.

               Colonel Race looked into Miss Lemon's eyes.

                Moments of silent surpassed as Poirot searched through the luggage.

                Colonel Race hoped to think of a good explanation of how he got here.

                "I've never been to Slugovia," Miss Lemon said.

                "Do you remember Auntie Josephine?" Colonel Race asked.

                "I'm afraid I don't remember her," Miss Lemon said, "is she nice?"

                "Yes," Colonel Race said, "Auntie Josephine was telling me something about this computer called N.E.L.L.Y." Colonel Race said.

                "Nelly!" Miss Lemon shouted out the name excitedly, "I've got to come with you to Slugovia!"

                "Oh, yeah," Colonel Race said, "Auntie Josephine would be glad to see you, too."  

                "This is great!" Miss Lemon happily squealed.

                "You won't believe what I saw..." Colonel Race was about to hint something else very vital to Miss Lemon, "before I got on the space train, I saw Ms. Ratchett wearing a black watch putting away a computer disc into her suitcase..."

                "Oh!" Miss Lemon's eyes widened. "The computer disc containing the secret plans to reprogram and reload G.L.O.B.E. systems..."          

                Poirot heard this bit from Miss Lemon. Searching about in the luggage, Poirot also pretended as if he had not noticed Colonel Race hiding. How was that Miss Lemon knew of the contents of that formatted computer disc? Only thing was that Miss Lemon had not realized that X had stolen that disc.

                "WHAT!" Colonel Race was surprised, "another G.L.O.B.E?"

                "Yes, of course!" Miss Lemon stated. "You know what's the funny thing- that Ms. Ratchett was killed..."

                "Yikes!" Colonel Race cringed. " G.L.O.B.E. got her, too, eh?"

                Then there right there is when Poirot came to show his moustaches poking Colonel Race in the left eye.

                "Ah!" Colonel Race slid off a couple of slinches away from Poirot.

                "Aha!" Poirot pointed his moustaches at Colonel Race, "you, stow-away!"

                "Yikes," Colonel Race said nervously.

                The moustaches pricked Colonel Race's right eye.

                "Who are you?" Poirot demanded right away.

                "I'm Colonel Race."    

                "You are not on the list of passengers aboard this train!" Poirot said. "You must have come onto the train illegally!"

                "I-uh-" Colonel Race went into a nervous breakdown.

                "There he is!" said Inspector Japp who appeared out from behind a luggage.

                "I-uh- train's full and no more tickets-" Colonel Race started, "but I had to get on this train no matter what!"

                "No matter what!" Poirot repeated mockingly and, "did you murder you come aboard to murder Ms. Ratchett?"

                "No," Colonel Race said confused.

                "And you hadn't stolen anything either, have you?" Inspector Japp interrogated Colonel Race.

                "No," Colonel Race said.

                "Have you seen anyone suspicious at all enter this luggage car?" Inspector Japp asked.    

                "Um," Colonel Race said, "no one suspicious."

                "Except Miss Lemon..." Poirot added.

                "Miss Lemon?" Inspector Japp was shocked by Poirot's remark.

                "Me?" Miss Lemon, too, was shocked.

                "Yeah?" Colonel Race, too, was shocked.

                "Hmmm. Miss Lemon." Poirot said slowly, "interesting."

                And  Poirot looked away...

  •  Poirot and Inspector Japp had searched through the passengers' luggage including Ratchett's. Poirot had made a note on his list of each passenger with surprising objects they obtained. Somehow those items of which had perfectly matched up with that previous list he had. Poirot used his tool, a magnifying glass; Guarda-Loopa; as he called it to examine some of the objects in each suitcase.

                In Miss Lemon's suitcase, Poirot noted that besides an empty clue bottle, there was a piece of white string, a pink bracelet and a bottle of pink nail polish. With his magnifying glass, Poirot searched for any grains of salt inside the empty bottle.

                “Well,” Japp laughed, “that’s funny.”

                "Nothing!" Poirot exclaimed as he had found not a trace of salt.

                In Phil's suitcase, Poirot unpacked a gorgeous ring with a huge white gem and a pair of white socks that dispersed a bunch of dolorufen clues. Poirot used the magnifying glass to closely examine each one of the white round clues found in Phil’s suitcase.  Poirot inspected each clue, one by one, finding that that each clue was only dilute.

                “Just in case, eh?” Japp joked.

                “That old dirty sock,” Poirot joked too.

                In Marlinka's suitcase, Poirot was surprised by its contents: a black castle chess piece, a flat SLITHERIUM battery, some kind of radio gadget with an antenna, two blank domino pieces and a credit card with a large quantity of printed numbers. Could have the card found in Marlinka’s suitcase been the information copied from the computer disc? Poirot wondered.

                “Marlinka is really strange,” Japp commented, “isn’t she?”

                “Yes,” Poirot noted, “and very suspicious…”

                Poirot had really thought of these possible ideas. Poirot would have let nothing pass him by. Poirot was all too clever for all that.

                In Babosa's suitcase, Poirot saw a metal tube of lipstick, a dried-up leaf, a packet of seeds and an empty nail polish bottle. Poirot used Guarda-Loopa to inspect the empty flask and found not a single trace of salt.

                “Well there!” Japp exclaimed.  

                "Nothing!" Poirot said.

                Poirot was hoping to find any traces of grains of salt but there was nothing, the flask was empty and so was the bottle in Miss Lemon's suitcase.

                In Miss Ratchett's suitcase, Poirot was shocked to find a white sharp triangular horned mask with three eye socket openings and a little space plane toy.

                “Interesting…” Japp laughed.

                “You have got something to hide, inspector?”

                “And what about your suitcase?” Inspector Japp impeded.

                In Poirot's suitcase, Poirot looked at a card board map of Slugypt, a pyramid paper weight and a strange bone key...

                In Inspector Japp's suitcase, besides a large quantity of gems, Poirot only noted five pages of blue prints for building of a space station shaped like a giant space golf ball. Could have the blueprints found in Japp's suitcase be the secret plans to reload G.L.O.B.E. systems in the construction of a giant space golf ball?

                “Well, well…” Poirot said.

                “It’s none of your business!” Japp proclaimed.


                In Colonel Race's suitcase, Poirot had found a pair of sunglasses, five space golf balls and a white and black checkered flag with the number seventy-three depicted.

                So, Poirot had expected to find either the salt, a star speck clue or a computer disc in any of the suitcases he had just searched. Then there was the question of doubt. Marlinka might have destroyed the computer disc. And Poirot found it possible to believe that Japp might have given Miss Lemon the disc. Miss Lemon would have liked the disc the most. Then Poirot had asked Inspector Japp several very important questions.

  •            “Was Ms. Ratchett pro-G.L.O.B.E. or anti-G.L.O.B.E.?”

                “Probably pro,” Japp said.

                “Was Ms. Ratchett the conspirator who escaped Mar-Hadon Prison?”

                “I don’t think so…” Japp said.

                “Was Ms. Ratchett really dead?”

                “C’mon, Poirot,” Japp laughed, “really!”

                “Who is X?”

                “That’s something we gotta figure out…” Japp assured Poirot.

                “Who stole the star speck clue?”

                “Miss Lemon said it was X,” Japp said.

                “Who murdered Ms. Ratchett?”


                “Who took the computer disc?”


                “Was it Miss Lemon?” Poirot speculated, “Miss Lemon could be X. Miss Lemon could have only said that the star speck clue was stolen by X. Miss Lemon could have easily shot Miss Ratchett with the salt and taken the disc to reload G.L.O.B.E. systems. Miss Lemon was still on board the space train. If Miss Ratchett was the conspirator, Miss Lemon must have a good motive to murder her…”

                “Hmm… that’s a bit far-fetched, Mister Poirot,” Japp said.

                “Or was it Phil?” Poirot went on, “Phil was still on the space train. Phil was formerly the secretary to Ms. Ratchett. Phil could have easily shot Ms. Ratchett and taken the disc. Phil could have said it was X who stole the computer disc and stolen it himself. But why would have Phil wanted to steal the star speck clue?”

                “Yeah, that’s true but,” Japp said, “what does the star speck clue have anything to do with the murder of Ms. Ratchett?”

                “Good point, inspector!” Poirot said, “or was it Marlinka? Was Marlinka X? Marlinka could have wanted Miss Ratchett out of the way especially if Miss Ratchett had been carrying something to reload G.L.O.B.E. systems with. Maybe Marlinka had found out who Ms. Ratchett really was... Marlinka was installing a satellite above the engineering car precisely when Ms. Ratchett was murdered. It seemed that Marlinka would have nothing to do with the theft of a star speck clue... or would he?”

                “Was it Babosa?” Japp asked.

                “Was Babosa X?” Poirot said.

                “Yes, she might be.”

                Poirot noted Japp’s hostility towards Babosa.

                “Probably,” Japp said, “it was Hastings- and you let him escape!”

                “Was it Hastings?” Poirot wondered, “Hastings could have easily shot Ms. Ratchett. Hastings was right there in the dining car, though. Hastings could have stolen the star speck clue. But why would Hastings want to steal the star speck clue especially since it was he who delivered it to Miss Lemon?”

                “Maybe Hastings was the dark conspirator and Ms. Ratchett found out,” Japp said.

                “Hastings was right there at the scene of crime, Poirot noted, “and Hastings could have wanted Ms. Ratchett out of the way and then stole the disc.”

                There was not enough evidence left behind to tell anything yet. Poirot looked at the tiniest grain of salt off the dead body through the magnifying glass.

                “Where did this salt come from?” Poirot asked again, “who could have gained from the death of Ms. Ratchett? Whoever had stolen the star speck clue must have also murdered Ms. Ratchett and taken the computer disc. X was the culprit. X stole the clue. Where did X obtain the salt?  Where is X? Who is X?”

                Poirot was baffled. 

                Too many questions. But in order to find out who X is, Poirot had to find the truth. Was the star speck clue really stolen? Was the disc really stolen? If all these crimes were correlated then all these questions could be answered when X was found out to be one of the many who Poirot had already suspected: Marlinka.

  •             Part 3: 

                 A Chilly Investigation

                "Ah! Ah!"

                A chilling, deadly and muffled scream cried out. This time, it was not Miss Lemon. The cry was coming from out of the refrigerator.

                "What a devesting scream!" Marlinka was sarcastic.

                Phil was standing in front of the refrigerator.

                The refrigerator was moving and shaking up and down.

                "Oh! Oh!" Phil uttered in fear.

                Marlinka entered the kitchen to see as Phil was moving away from the refrigerator.

                "Do not even think about it, Phil!"     

                Marlinka stopped Phil from trying to open the refrigerator.

                "Marlinka... there's something inside there."

                "There's nothing in there. It's none of your business."

                "Marlinka... there's something moving inside that refrigerator."

                The refrigerator started to shake vigorously.

                "Ah! Ah! Aha!"

                The muffled cry screamed from inside of the refrigerator.

                "Oh, wretched fate! Let's go!" Marlinka insisted.

                "No, Marlinka," Phil persisted, "I won't leave this room."

                The white refrigerator Phil had noticed has never before moved nor shook like it did.

                "It's fine," Marlinka tried to assure Phil.  

                The refrigerator door then started to rattle.

                "Aha! Aha!"

                The muffled cry was still coming from inside.

                "Oh! Oh!" Phil was even more frightened, "there's something in there..."

                "You've gone out of your mind," Marlinka rejected.

                Then there was knocking coming from inside refrigerator.

                Knock. Knock.

                "Who's there?" Marlinka jokingly asked.

                "Aha! Aha!"   

                The muffled cry still came from inside the refrigerator.

                "Phil," Marlinka kept on, "it's for you. Go! Open it!"

                Could it be true? Did Marlinka actually allow Phil to open the refrigerator?

                "I'm afraid-" Phil said nervously.

                "Open it!" Marlinka commanded, "open it, Phil, it's okay..."

                "Oh, no!" Phil was scared, "I can't!"     

                "You can't because you won't!" Marlinka uttered.

                "Oh!" Phil was terrified.

                The refrigerator knocked.

                The refrigerator rocked back and forth.

                The refrigerator rattled and moved closer and closer to Phil.

                "I will open it, then," Marlinka finally said, "so you can see there's nothing in there!"

                Marlinka opened the refrigerator.

                "I'm going to hide."

                Phil hid under a table.

                A chilly steamy gust of icy breath came from out the refrigerator.

                Out comes frozen Poirot in an ice cube; his moustaches still intact within.

  •     "Aha! Miss Marlinka!"

                Poirot slid out and said:

              "I want my hamburger!"

                Poirot glared through the ice at Marlinka.    

                Marlinka said and looked at Phil, "Phil, won't you get Mister Poirot here a hamburger?"

                The refrigerator door stayed opened letting a chilly air withdraw from inside.

                "Oh!" Phil was shaking, "Oh, Marlinka, we are all out of hamburgers here."

                "Ha!" Marlinka laughed as he looked at Poirot.

                Poirot grumbled icily, "I have come for other grave and important matters and has caused me to be here..."

                "I'm getting so cold," Phil complained, "it's cold in here. I'm going to get a fever."

                Marlinka looked at the Poirot ice cube popsicle.

                "Well," Marlinka stared blankly, "what do you want?"

                "Listen!" Poirot icily said, "I will tell you. My time is short."

                "Tell me," Marlinka dared.

                "It's so cold..." Phil continued to shiver.

                "Well," Poirot icily stared at Marlinka through the ice cube, "You think you may have outwitted me, Miss Marlinka, but answer me: will you have a hamburger with me?"

                Phil must have realized something Marlinka probably had not.

                "Oh, my-!" Phil shook, "you must excuse him, Mr. Poirot, Marlinka never seems to have any time for anyone. How did you get in there frozen, anyway, sir?"

                "Shut up, Phil," Marlinka glared.

                "Make up your mind, Miss Marlinka," Poirot forced.  

                "I've made up my mind a long time ago!" Marlinka uttered.

                "You will come, then?" Poirot was slowly melting in the ice cube.

                "I'm not sure what's happening here," Phil was shaking with curiosity, "why is Mister Poirot frozen in ice? Marlinka, did you freeze him?"

                "I’m afraid," Marlinka pretended, "I must have on accident frozen poor Mister Poirot here..."

                "It was deliberate!" Poirot grumbled icily, "Miss Marlinka, have you accepted my invitation to a hamburger?"

                "Sure..." Marlinka smirked.

                "Look me in the eyes, Miss Marlinka, and tell me you will," Poirot demanded.

                Marlinka looked closely into the ice cube to see Poirot's enormous moustaches frozen.    

                "There!" Marlinka said and had not wanted to look at Poirot's eyes.

                "Closer..." Poirot grumbled.

                Marlinka got so close that her border frame spectacles stuck to the ice. Marlinka attempted to pull herself away and as she does the spectacles stay attached frozen unto the ice cube.

                "What's the matter, Miss Marlinka?" Poirot asked icily.

                "All of the sudden I am cold..." AceMarlinka felt, "I'm freezing. Oh, my glasses!"

                Marlinka noticed her glasses stuck onto the ice cube.

                "Reveal yourself!" Poirot started to melt, "this is your last chance!"  

                "No! No!" Marlinka was furious. "Give me back my glasses!"

                "Reveal yourself, Miss Marlinka!"

                "No!" Marlinka was even more furious, "I won't!"

                "Yes, you will!" Poirot called out.


                "Yes, you will!"


                "Yes! yes!" it was Phil this time.

                "No! No!" Marlinka saw Phil.

                "Aha!" Poirot icily cried, "this was your last chance!"

                The ice cube was melting completely to reveal Poirot's moustaches.

                "What strange images I see," Marlinka was half blind, "Where are my glasses?"  

                Poirot moved closer and closer to Marlinka. "Now, Miss Marlinka, you see all of the truth in your slight blindness." 

                "Who are you?" Marlinka looked, "Who torments me?" 

                Poirot said, "I am Poirot. I have detected you!"

                "He has discovered you, Marlinka," Phil stated, "the truth is here!"

                "Give me back my glasses!" Marlinka protested, "Get away! Leave me alone!"

                "You will never be alone, Miss Marlinka," Poirot said, "tell me the truth. You don't know what chaos is, Miss Marlinka!" Poirot said, "tell me the truth!"

                "Get away from me!" Marlinka shouted, "get away from you, you stranger!"

                "Did you steal the computer disc?" Poirot defied, "did you, Miss Marlinka, did you? Did you? Did you?"

                "Ah!" Marlinka screamed. "No! it wasn't me!"

                Poirot looked away and left the kitchen.

                That was the end of the refrigeration interrogation.

  • Thanks for having read just an excerpt of a one of kind twist on an original story. I know I left a lot of room for discussion about things mentioned but however Please leave comments- thank you. I will be posting later a continuation of this story set on a desert island with only 10 little grey cells characters playing a murder mystery game. 
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