fruit trees mentioned in the books

I have a friend, she is 92 years old, and a great fan of Agatha Christies. She tells me she planted all the fruit trees mentioned in the books. Does anyone know which books have a mention of which tree?  i.e. mulberry, quince, etc.


  • This is by no means a full list, but I've been ill so I spent some time compiling a partial list: Apple tree: Five little pigs, The clocks, Halloween party (in the name of a house), Postern of fate (in the name of a house), The apples of the hesperides (short story, in the decoration on the cup).  Chestnut: Manx gold (short story). Coconut: Caribbean mystery. Fig: Nemesis, Death on the Nile (title of a book by Salome). Sycamore or Sycamore fig: Death comes as the end, Peril at end house. Greengage: Postern of fate. Lime: Cat among the pigeons, One, two, buckle my shoe. Olive: The man in the brown suit. Orange: Destination unknown, and in three stories: The house in Shiraz, The edge and The fourth man. Quince: A murder is announced. Pear: the clocks. 

    I only registered fruit trees, but other trees that were repeatedly mentioned were cypress, palm, magnolia, yew and beech. As for Mulberry, I only found two references to the song "Here we go round the mulberry bush". 
  • Thank you so much! 
  • You're welcome!
  • I hope that you are soon feeling better. I wanted to ask, too, if you have ever seen a reference to a medlar tree (I know this is mentioned in Shakespeare, but Agatha Christie too?) and a persimmon tree.
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    Medlar jelly is mentioned in "The murder of Roger Ackroyd". (Presumably Caroline has a tree, because she sends a jar of her jelly to Hercule Poirot). I don't know of any mention of a persimmon tree. And thanks - I'm quite well again!
  • Thank you again!  This search (the success of which is due mostly to you) has started me on a collection of her books.  I am searching the second hand book stores -- where (I have just learned) they do not stay on the shelves very long, so popular is Agatha Christie. 
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