The Secret of Chimneys

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Spoiler alert: I spoil the ending.

I think I may have a problem: when there are too many "titled" characters in a novel, I get confused.  If everyone were merely named Fred, Eliza, Samuel and Bundle, I'd have no problem following.  I had some trouble "following", in this novel.

In the end, I think I am being asked to believe that the main male "protagonist" (Anthony) was the King of H-vakia, years ago... supposedly assassinated, along with his wife... and now he's at Chimneys, suspecting the "French governess" as being a central figure embroiled in the mysterious plot of the letters and the memoirs... yet, all along, he fails to recognize her as his former WIFE?

I didn't even finish the last ten pages of the book.  If I'm being asked to believe the above situation: I am pretty insulted.  And I'm pretty sure I'm being asked to believe it.

Am I?


  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
    I know what you mean with your Problem but in a different way I jave a difficulty if 2 or more Characters look alike or have the same colour hair, In Towards Zero if I remember rightly 3 Characters are the same height or build, It didn't occur to me that 1 might have a different colour hair (According to the Adaptation anyway), I get very confused when watching something like Granchester, Foyle's War etc when 2 girls are Brunettes.
  • Anthony is the brother of the King who was assassinated.    He never met his sister-in-law because he was in Paris pretending to be a communist at the time.  
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