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Hello I would like to know which episode of Poirot appears a train layout with a tunnel (little H0 train alike Märklin)


  • theres at least 3 episodes with Trains- Murder On The Orient Express, The ABC murders. The Plymouth express, could it  be one of those?

  • MiguelPimentaMiguelPimenta Lisboa, Portugal
    Hello is not a real train is a model train layout see example (picture)image
  • I can't remember, can anyone else? 
  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
    It might be Mystery of The Blue Train, and After The Funeral has Poirot being Consulted by the Solicitor on a Train. 
  • kaberi.chakrabartykaberi.chakrabarty Illinois, United States
    It seems to me that Mr. Pimenta is thinking of some movie or TV adaptation of a Poirot story that features a model train set. I don't recall Poirot ever playing with  model trains in any of the books. I also don't think that Suchet ever did Mystery of the Blue Train or After the Funeral.
  • MiguelPimentaMiguelPimenta Lisboa, Portugal
    I remember watching the movie on TV and I think that went near the second world war.
    I do not remember if it was David Suchet
    ...sorry my english
  • In an adaptation 4.50 from Paddington  was a model train set was used as a prop to explain how the murder was done?
  • tudestudes Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    I don't think so, MissQuin. I think 4.50 from Paddington Miss Marple explains how the murder was done setting the stage on the real train and not using a model train.
  • I was thinking of the Joan Hickson version of 4.50.  I remember the bad McEwan version has the denouement on the train. But I'm clutching at straws as I can't think of an adaption that uses a model train set, but there might be.

    Orient Express didn't use a train in either version.

  • tudestudes Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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    Sorry, I have not watched Hickson's version yet. As far as I remember, I haven't watched any adaption that used a train model set (Blue Train, After the funeral...) maybe an old one and not so popular as Hickson. Could it be an adaption from Tuppence and Tommy books?
  • "Diagnosis Murder" episode, "Broadcast Blues" has a trainset - the "Doctor...   Kolkaa..." one.


    But is Dick Van Dyke anyone's idea of Poirot?  "Nom d'un nom d'un nom... ah would know zat sil-you-ette anywhere - Mary Poppins!"

  • Mystery still not solved?
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    MissQuin said:
    Mystery still not solved?

    Hell's bells, I completely forgot!

    From the fairest-playing detective series ever (except maybe Kenneth Moore's "Father Brown"), the "Ellery Queen" episode, 'The Adventure of the Eccentric Engineer' has a train set, too!

    A couple of clips on YouTube but none that show the train in action - it has a tunnel through the walls of the engineers house and I think he puts little messages to his family on the carriages.

    I have a good feeling this is the one!

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