Crooked House - Who did the 'long sigh' in Chapter 19?

ytbpomytbpom Malang, Indonesia
Hi there, after read "Crooked House", I'm just curious if anyone can explain this event on chapter 19:

"There was a moment's silence. Josephine's eyes, solemn and unwinking, were fixed on Clemency. A sound like a long sigh, reached my ears. I swung sharply round. Edith de Haviland stood half way down the staircase - but I did not think it was she who had sighed. The sound had come from behind the door through which Josephine had just come.

I stepped sharply across to it and yanked it open. There was no one to be seen. Nevertheless I was seriously disturbed. Someone had stood just within that door and had heard those words of Josephine's. I went back and took Josephine by the arm. She was eating her apple and staring stolidly at Clemency. Behind the solemnity there was, I thought, a certain malignant satisfaction."

We know that it couldn't be the murderer, because the murderer is in that room with Charles. Anybody know who that could be?


  • I think it is Edith, despite the fact that Charles doesn't think so. A sigh is an unvocalized sound, so it is very difficult to know exactly where it came from. Edith's subsequent actions seem to indicate that at that moment she realizes what Josephine means, or connects it with the notebook she has already found.
  • ytbpomytbpom Malang, Indonesia
    Thanks for the quick response, appreciate it. I actually guessed that too. Just wondering if someone come up with different idea(s) :)
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