By the pricking of my thumbs

i can't find any info on my 1st ed that has Chinese registration on it. Does anybody have any info on this edition. Copyright Agatha christie 1968 ltd and under this is written in Chinese. Book is written in English and dust cover looks like the first us ed. Does not list any other publishing house on spine or jacket


  • Hi @sbb4691 I think you will have to provide a picture of the cover/Chinese registration. As you are aware, it was first published in November 1968 by Collins Crime Club in the UK and by Dodd Mead and Company in New York. I've been doing some rummaging around but I'm unable to find anything with a Chinese registration associated with the book. Is your version one that was published in the USA?
  • Good morning. I can't seem to get my pics to load on this site. I will give you as much info as I can on my book. It is agatha Christie novel By The Pricking Of My Thumbs. The jacket is black and looks like 1st is edition. The spine of the jacket nor the spine of the book have a publishing  house on it  price on jacket $4.95. Copyright Agatha christie ltd 1968. Under this is written in Chinese. The book is written in English and  has 275 pages. I have had this book for many years but just recently noticed this  any info helpful. Thanks
  • Hi, @sbb4691 I have been researching further into the background to the launch of the book. Apart from the internet, my information comes from a book titled: Agatha Christie A Reader’s Companion by Vanessa Wagstaff & Stephen Pool. They have collected details of all the First Editions in the UK and USA. The book was published in the USA in November 1968 costing $4.95 - 275 pages - (UK, 256). Having said that, they do not show the USA cover for this book, but the UK one is a bright yellow. If you want to pursue it further and it may help us to answer your query, look on Google Images for the book cover. E.g. "Agatha Christie By the Pricking of my Thumbs". (The URL is ridiculously long to place it here.) Also look at the copyright page in your book, which may also support your information about the book being a first edition. Another item to look at is the ISBN number, however, these were introduced in 1970 so in your case, the book may not have one.
    Note: This site is notorious for blocking pictures, but as an alternative, if you see it on the internet, try a copy and paste. 
    Good luck, I look forward to hearing about your findings.

  • Under copyright it says first edition registration certificate followed by numbers. No publishing house mentioned. I will continue to look for info   Thanks for your help and I will keep you updated
  • good evening. I attempted to use the online Chinese to English interpreter. What I'm getting is a long address along with telephone number. Dado or Datong book co. Chinese citizenship sept 27 or 7th   First edition registration #. This all in Chinese. Everything else in the book is in english
  • A search on Datong, reveals that it is a town in the northern Shanxi province. So, I'm not sure how that helps. I wonder if the text in your copy is the same as that in the GB or USA editions! The fact that the spine has no information on it is a concern. I was looking at the value of a first edition of the book, and naturally, it is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. It would seem that a first edition in good quality, with a dust jacket that has only reasonable wear and tear, is worth about £16GB or about $21USA. Let me know if you want me to research any further.
  • Good evening. No additional info on my book at this time other than the possibility it could be a pirated edition. The book has now peaked my interest so I will continue to pursue info about it. 
  • this is what is under copyright 
  • sbb4691 said:
    this is what is under copyright 
    There would be a number of things that are copyright. The author's words, the dust jacket design/pictures, the hardback design, and finally any quoted words by individuals recommending the book. None of these items can be used without the owner's permission. There are exceptions to this: use for research and private study,  data mining for analysis, critique and reviews, teaching, and there are a few more instances which are covered under the term 'fair' dealing'. However, anyone using copyright material should tread carefully. There is an interesting article on Wikipedia giving periods of protection for copyright material.
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