Agatha's Harlequin and Columbine figures

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I would love to own a set like the ones owned by Agatha's Auntie-Grannie. Are there any pictures of the two porcelain figures of Harlequin and Columbine she owned and loved so much?
We all know how she went on to write about  Harley Quinn and even mentioned the figures in the early short story 'The Affair At The Victory Ball'...

The Affair at the Victory Ball

Chief Inspector Japp asks Poirot to assist Scotland Yard in the strange events which took place at a recent costumed Victory Ball. A group of six people, headed by the young Viscount Cronshaw, attended dressed in the costume of the Commedia dell'arte. Lord Cronshaw was Harlequin, his uncle, the honourable Eustace Beltane, was Punchinello and Mrs Mallaby, an American widow, was Punchinella. In the roles of Pierrot and Pierette were Mr and Mrs Christopher Davidson (he being a stage actor) and finally, Miss "Coco" Courtenay, an actress rumoured to be engaged to Lord Cronshaw, was Columbine


  • @Pete I have been to Greenway many times and in recent years the policy is that visitors can take photographs, and I am very sure that I have snapped the figurines, but there is a reflection from the glass doors of the cabinet. I don’t have all the pictures of Greenway together, so I have been unable to find them at the moment. Looking through the books I have about Greenway specifically (National Trust souvenir guide, and Agatha Christie at Home by Hilary Macaskill) there is a mention the figurines but there are no photographs. 

    In Agatha Christie, A Biography, by Janet Morgan, there is a piece that talks about the poems that Agatha wrote in her youth, having been inspired by the ‘Harlequin and Columbine, Pierrot and Pierrette, whose Dresden china figures decorated both Auntie-Grannie’s house and Ashfield’.

    I have provided two photographs, taken from the Hilary Macaskill book, showing the cabinet, which houses the figures.

    I’m sorry I haven’t answered your question, but It has inspired me to search out the
    snaps of Greenway. When I'm down there next I'll try again to snap them.

  • Many many thanks!
    I have had a long term dream of owning figures similar to the ones Agatha loved myself.
    Best Wishes

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