The Little Grey Cells. The End.

Thanks alot for deleting my post. Ptah fooey! I thought I could have had a chance here to discuss a cartoon series of Agatha Christie's the little grey cells and besides being offended upon deleting of my post- there's nothing worse than a writer's worst nightmare: ignoring. So, whatever, gURL! I'll take my endeavors elsewhere- like anybody wanted to read Agatha Christie anymore other than any either of you because of all you are stuck in a century back way then in the 1930's mind-set! Write your own Christie. Yeah, right! 


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  • PoirotBabosaGalaxyPoirotBabosaGalaxy Fort Lauderdale
    Whatever! Now I have to get my posts approved!!!!! What a load of bug wash. Stuff her head in the apples bin. Why don't ya? There's nobody else posting here? So, what's taking so long? No comments. It's like nobody has wits to write or say much at all. Maybe, I'm filling up the wrong bottle. Barking up the wrong foxglove tree. Maybe I won't. Uggh! This is all what's it about. Let me discuss this even further. Why don't you even bother?
  • PoirotBabosaGalaxyPoirotBabosaGalaxy Fort Lauderdale
    Who's in charge of this waste bucket forum, anyway? Cuz it sucks! It's like so ancient! And what about the avatar options? Update! It's so boring. It's taken me a long time to say it but afterall it's gotta be said. I can make your avatars the little creatures with moustaches and pretty little pill bottle heads or whatever. 
  • PoirotBabosaGalaxyPoirotBabosaGalaxy Fort Lauderdale
    Let's totally maximize the full potentiality of over excessive amount of creative writing! Oh, my little bottle of pills just dropped... 
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