AGATHRAWN in the mysterious Galaxy

"Oh, no! It's coming this way!" Screamed Miss Babosa Lemon. 
"WHAT is that?" asked Mrs. Oliver curiously to herself.
There was a floating diamond encrusted grey skull with its flesh half-rotting away as tiny fragments of asteroid-stricken matter that had impacted it and created slight little crevices where these things- ugh! these tiny little grey celluar creatures with moustaches were crawling all over it and were digging inside those brains looking for her clues...
"Wait!" Miss Babosa Lemon looked at it closer, "oh, my cosmos! It can't be HER..." 
Colonel Race placed a monocle over his left eye and looked at it through his retractable optic tentacles.
"By jove! It is HER!" Race exclaimed.
Inspector Japp had great binocular optic tentacles and saw as Poirot was searching for clues on that giant head with a magnifying glass.
"Aha!" Poirot grumbled, "don't let me down, dear old friend of mine..."
Poirot had been looking for the lost clues of the seven dials mystery in the remnants of that dusty, old brain. The clues were faded and dotted like axial lines running across the stars and on the temples of that head, the detective had found what he had been looking for: a mini computerized DOUBLE SIN data card labeled NEMESIS...
Thus Miss Marple suddenly appeared on the head scornful at that silly detective with big moustaches.
"Oh, so you're bugging around here digging for clues, too, eh?" Poirot amused.
"PUT that back!" Marple shouted at Poirot immediately, "you will do no such thing."
"Dear old thing!" Poirot laughed, "you don't even know what you're slithering on top of."
"I've come halfway across the galaxy to stop you, Poirot," Marple said intelligently, "you've no idea whose head this is..."
Poirot looked sharply at Marple. Poirot was looking like he was confused. Of course, he knew. He had even calculated its circumference. It was a head but with some rocky debris of asteroids.
"Who? Valentina Tereshkova?" Poirot mocked Marple.
"No," Miss Marple defied, "this was once the compound head of the greatest mystery detective fiction writer in the entire expanded universe that had ever lived..."
A cold windy chill from the northern stars blew silently through the diamond speckled skies.
"Agatha Christie...," whispered Babosa slowly.
Colonel Race lowered his optic tentacles in an honorable bow as Inspector Japp whistled.
"Miss Marple, of course, of course," Poirot let out, "this is the asteroid Agathrawn, please remove your old tentacles off this asteroid- you're not an archaeologist and are damaging the clues..."
"No!" Miss Marple screamed as she held a little purple satellite looking umbrella in her optic tentacles, "this is not proper!" and she pointed its shiny, sharp end that seemed to have challenged Poirot to a duel.
Poirot sighed noticeably. 
"You've made a mistake, Miss Marple," Poirot assured her, "and this is not the only way, you're in grave danger if you decide to face me..."
Poirot then firmly held his magnifying glass in the grip of his optic tentacles and thumped it on Marple's umbrella vigorously and offensively.
"So be it, you- over-stuffed little French escargot!" Marple uttered.
"Belgian!" Poirot correct, "I am Belgian you- overly obese limace!"
The two little light blue grey space creatures with optic tentacles darted against one another in combat over that clue labelled "NEMESIS" on top of the head of Agatha Christie now called "Agathrawn." (To be continued...)
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