Agatha's editors/proofreaders?

I believe even Agatha Christie had a battle-axe of an editor/proofreader who constantly took Agatha to task for what she perceived were grammatical and spelling errors,although Agatha did not agree with her and said they were simply variations that were perfectly acceptable and in common usage.

One of Agatha's very successful books went to a new,young proofreader to be checked for spelling,grammar etc.
The young man got mixed up with his brief and actually thought the publishers were asking him to read the book with a view as to whether it should be accepted for publication or not.

The young lad had never ever heard or read Agatha Christie's work before and I believe he gave the book quite a scathing review - something which tickled and amused the by now world famous Agatha Christie enormously!

I came across this quote and I vaguely remember hearing both accounts before. Does anyone know if they are true or not and were they can be found in the books/biographies etc?




  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
    The Proof readers didn't do that good a job, Raymond's Girlfriend then wife has a name change as does spence and doesn't a Solicitor have a name change from Enderby to Endercot or the other way round?
  • Yes! Well remembered!


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