Poirot's Snake, Achilles.

"No, mon ami!" Poirot said, "there's no way we can travel to the Jungle Of The Nile on that slimey river in #Slugypt."
Poirot detested flying. Colonel Race wanted to fly there but it was impossible to do so without being seen. Besides having his secret mission (to follow Linnet Doyle), Colonel Race missed the warm climate of the jungle.
Colonel Race was definitely up for the hunt to find the ancient ruins of the once floating diamond-encrusted remains of the asteroid head of Agathrawn that had crashed in the very heart of the jungle. Colonel Race was looking through Poirot's computer. He was especially admiring a picture of a golden clock that read 4:13 and then at a blue and golden dagger with hieroglyphics.
"Ooh!!" Race commented, "what happened to these things? They are mentioned as highlights in the case files."
"These are the clues- err- one of them is the weapon we must find there," Poirot said mysteriously, "they're there by that mystical tree, it's called Munaïsska, hiding in the jungle but we can't go there! No!"
Poirot looked at a picture of that tree on the computer monitor screen.
Race wondered about it.
There was this extraordinary tree in the jungle asteroid world floating in deep outer space... this magnificent bois de vie blooming all its extraneous existence and rooted on that diamond encrusted asteroid, it was unmoving and undisturbed for centuries.
"Munaïsska, huh?" Race lit up, "I've heard of it... Isn't that where some creepy space crab resides watching over those- umm- clues..?"
"Forget those clues!" Poirot shouted.
Race knew that Poirot was stubborn but he just had to get the little light blue grey space detective to budge, somehow.
Poirot kept tapping at the keyboard with one optic tentacle as with his other one, he viewed the information of the case on the computer monitor screen. He sighed.
"How nice it would be," Race ventured, "if there could have been a way over there..."
It was so slippery for the little space creatures to maneuver quickly about. Poirot wiggled his optic tentacles. He, too, wanted to go, but did not find a suitable way.
Something hissed.
That hissing came out eerily and almost frightened the little critters by the computer on the desk.
"I say! What's that?" Race wondered.
"Alas, mom ami!" Poirot cheered up, "it's Achilles!"
Then that was when Poirot had the most wonderful idea.
Retracting his optic tentacles for a better view of the slithering creature that stood before him, Colonel Race, who must have thought himself as from a superior race of species, especially since he was from outer space, looked at Achilles for a good moment.
"He doesn't look friendly and reliable," Race observed, "perhaps if we- uh- oh, do you suppose it's intelligent?"
Offended by that remark, Poirot sliched up close to Race and wiggled his moustaches against Colonel Race in a derogatory way that space slugs do.
"But of course, he's intelligent!" Poirot reproached Race abruptly, "why! He's far more intelligent than most creatures."
The snake got a closer view of the little space detectives and hissed and stuck out its forked tongue...
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