Question, ABC murders

I would appreciate it if  someone would kindly give me some advice (I,Japanese,  just study English for my pleasure) 

In Chapter 28,ABC murders

My first Question: Inspector Crome says that I must have a word with the AC.  I don't understand why Crome needs to have a word with AC. Does he have to get any permission of AC? If so, for what? By the way, what does AC stands for? Assistant Commissionner?

My second Question: Immediately after the above sentence, Crome thinks that he's(Cust is) quite ready to get rattled. This sentece means that Crome thinks he(Cust) is about to confess, or Cust is well prepared to be summoned (, reading newspapers) ?


  • @yokohama Firstly, I think I ought to say your written English is excellent and suggests that you have a good command of the spoken language.

    You are correct in stating that AC stands for Assistant Commissioner. It is the third highest rank in the London Metropolitan police, and he would be second-in-command of the City of London Police. (The rank is not used in other police forces.) Inspector Crome would be obliged to ask another police force to get involved if the activity is not in his own jurisdiction. 
    The word 'rattled' implies that the individual is nervous, worried, or irritated, buy an activity or a going on around him that he may be part of. The individual may be said to be frightened or scared. (Spoiler) We know that to be true of Cust and he is realising that the murders take place in locations that he has visited and he thinks he may be losing his memory as everything points to him as the murderer.
    It's a great story, with the truth not being revealed until the very last few pages.
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