Sad Cypress

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did anyone else find this film very sad and moving? I must admit unashamedly every time I watch this a tear comes to my eye. I think that the film score helps in making this appear a rather sad tale, due to the fact that the majority of the themes are played by the 'cello which is the most mournful of all orchestral instruments. Also, I did find the David Suchet version of Appointment with Death extremely sad and moving (here again helped by the score and with Purcell's Dido's Lament) not for the murdered victim who deserved all she got, but for the way in which she treated her children as she throughly destroyed them and, as I suspect, also the nanny whom she instructed to do the beatings on her behalf. 


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    I like the Suchet film adaptation of Sad Cypress and the ending was sad and moving but also hopeful, believing that Elinor Carlisle will be with Dr. Peter Lord in the end. I love Elizabeth Dermot Walsh's performance as Elinor . . . she portrayed the emotions as the character in the book very well. I must admit that Mary Gerrard in the book is treated more sympathetically than in the film and I think that has more to do with the script and possibly the acting itself. I think her father's treatment in the book adds more sympathy to Mary and her situation. I didn't like the Appointment With Death adaptation as so much was changed. I love the book but the episode was lackluster to say the least. 
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