Tommy's Great Dig

  After having dropped off the two old ladies at the Casino, Tommy had met with his complete estranged star destiny as he had reached the Jungle of the Nile and ever since he has acquired the McGallagher; he used that little yellow digging tool (a shovel) and that when his most resourceful purpose came to life as he journeyed on that slimy river of the Nile, Tommy was the first one to have reached the grandest temple of them all: 

the Temple of Styles.

Here, the Temple of Styles, was where, once he entered, a body was discovered... Tommy peeked into a sarcophagus to view the dried up bones of an old Colonel Protheroe decaying in dust with little tiny beetle scarabs gnawing at its remaining flesh.
"Eww!" Tommy pulled back away from that sarcophagus.

Someone must have been before him and murdered that poor old colonel, Tommy thought, but who. 
And what did just happen to that little old sea turtle data card? Or was that something out of a myth about the legendary Captain Hastings

Sometimes, Tommy had felt like he hadn't any idea why all these were supposed to link up and tie up with the others were calling out to each other to be a mystery.

Tommy sighed. He looked for a sign. Anything could help him. Anything. And there it was... An inscription carved out with what looked like as if someone had deliberately left behind to indicate that there was a desperate last attempt to communicate from even past being dead...

Wait... That couldn't be possible. 

Tommy was rushing his mind way ahead than he was supposed to. Those inscriptions must have been carved out by the old colonel with his very own nails. Ugh! Tommy shuddered as he thought about that old colonel wriggling half alive in that sarcophagus scratching away the name of his killer. Tommy peeked at the inscription for the last time and stood there for a moment in horror as he read it. A-B-X.

So, unknowingly possessed in his own merit of spirit force that compelled him to dig, Tommy dug and dug. Tommy hovered over a precise spot in the temple of Styles gripping his little shovel above his optic tentacles hurriedly disheveling the bright golden sand into perhaps what might seem a bottomless pit.

"And I will shake... La la la," Tommy sang, "Shake the earth. The seed of the dry lands and I will shaaaaaake.. Shake off this sand to find me a sandwich... Shake."

Tommy laughed as he dug out to find anything... But it was much more than anything that he had hoped to find.
X marks the spot, Tommy thought. And for once in his mind he had been clear of what might have really happened that he started to dig in the exact spot to find a mysterious, precious jeweled collar with seven dials on a diamond faced pocket-sized watch that read 4.13, Tommy had been sure he was dealing with something far more dangerous than he had anticipated.

"Stop right there!"

Tommy turned to look over behind him slowly. It couldn't be. It just happened to be none that funny looking detective with those enormous moustaches.
Tommy stood over his prize without any intention of satisfying the detective with  discovering his newly found clue.
"Are you here for or against Colonel Carbury?" The detective asked Tommy unexpectedly.

Tommy hadn't really thought about any one but for himself but he wasn't in any way against anybody, either. He didn't even know a Colonel Carbury. But Tommy had to somehow to answer this detective's question.

"I'm for..." Tommy said finally.
Poirot looked coldly at Tommy.
"Are you with the Big Four," Poirot asked again, "or no?"
The Big Four? Wasn't it that the number of optic tentacles the giant space whale had? Maybe it was a trick question.
"No," Tommy said absent-mindedly.
"Very good," Poirot beamed, "I hope you're being careful, there's a snake loose near by. Have you seen it?"
Tommy was stunned at what he had just learned. A snake...
"No..." Tommy shook.
"Alas, for me," Poirot looked gloomily, "it's coming after me, it seems..."

Poirot had a serious problem ever since that snake had been released. The only thing that Poirot hadn't realized was that he had thought he was hunting for that snake but how odd did it seem if that snake was hunting for him instead? Poirot was in quite a gamble with this snake.

Poirot looked at Tommy. Something seems so unbelievable about him, Poirot thought. And only to think that that little slug might have something to do with the seven dials mystery. It was strange, indeed...
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