Is the new Laura Thompson book on Agatha Christie an update of her 2007 version?

mstrsims2mstrsims2 Massachusetts, United States
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Agatha Christie
I have this book but there is a "new" one coming out  

Agatha Christie: A Mysterious life.

Four USA fans, do we know if this is the same, an update, or a totally new book?   The cover is different:
Agatha Christie A Mysterious life


  • mstrsims2mstrsims2 Massachusetts, United States
    they are both 544 pages exactly, so I suspect it is a USA version.  I may have bought the "English Mystery..." from Amazon UK.  I don't remember.
  • I have only just got this, what do people think of it?
  • mstrsims2mstrsims2 Massachusetts, United States
    I am slowly reading it.  I have the UK version which I had bought when it came out there.  It is slow reading but detailed.  This "access to all the papers...."   i always take with a grain of salt.  But overall I am enjoying it.
  • thank you 
  • MohanMohan Chennai
    If you were to make a choice between the Laura Thompson and the Janet Morgan one, which one would you choose?
  • mstrsims2mstrsims2 Massachusetts, United States
    Hi Mohan. Sorry I come on this site at irregular intervals.   Still reading the Thompson book.  I suspect it has more up to date information since it bills itself as "written with unique access to the diaries, letters, and family"

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