Agatha Christie/Arthur Conan Doyle

I have been surprised at some of Sherlock Holmes stories are similar to some of Agatha Christie. I am reading the adventures of Sherlock Holmes at the moment, and I came across 'the man with the twisted lip' which I felt was similar to 'the disappearance of Mr Davenheim.' How many of Sherlock Holmes are similar to AC stories 


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    We should say it the other way around, that some of Agatha Christie's short stories are similar to the Sherlock Holmes stories, since the latter preceded the former. It's a known fact that Christie read and liked the Holmes stories and used some of them as inspiration, as a sounding board if you will.
  • How interesting, I am reading Sherlock Holmes at the moment which I am enjoying more than I thought I was going to. I wonder what it would be like it Agatha Christie sat with Arthur Conan Doyle, what allot they would have to say to each other. 
  • @Luke , which Sherlock Holmes stories are your favorite?
  • So far I do like a case of identity, the boscomnbe valley mystery and A study in scarlet 
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