What is Agatha Christie's IQ?

watermarkwatermark Portland, USA
Hi, after I threw a paperback copy of Agatha Christie's "The Body In the Library" against the wall and fumed in a delicious but light-hearted ticked off mode [as she just blew my mind in how she plotted that book as well as "A Murder Is Announced," "Who killed Roger Ackroyd?" and "Murder at the Vicarage"], I was really curious to see what Agatha's IQ was as the books I've read by her were just excellent. Does anyone know how she fared in her education? I would have to assume that someone would have to have a decent IQ in order to come up with such clever plots. Thanks!


  • Read her autobiography - It's even better than her mysteries, and that is saying a lot! The amazing thing is that she was home-schooled at a time when there was no supervision over home schooling, so she recieved very little formal education - but she was a voracious reader, and educated herself.

    I envy you because you still have many of Agatha Christie's books to discover - I've been reading her books for 50 years.
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