A Murder is Announced

Has anyone seen the recent production of A Murder is Announced? It has just come to Australia and I saw it last night and found very worthwhile. I would be interested to know if anyone has seen it and what their thoughts of it were.


  • Ms_Kylie_MenageMs_Kylie_Menage Victoria, Australia
    I was lucky enough to go to both the Sydney and Melbourne opening nights. I definitely recommend seeing it twice! The book the play is based on is my all-time favourite Miss Marple book (and my second-favourite after Death On The Nile.) I love the Joan Hickson film, and have watched it many times (possibly the most faithful film of any Agatha Christie story.) So, I do know this story very well. Even so, on watching the play a second time I noticed a lot more clues I missed the first time! The cast are brilliant too. I thought Judi Farr was an exceptional Miss Marple, and really looked the part.
  • Nice to have someone from Australia on this forum! I found Judi Farr's portrayal of Miss Marple excellent as well and I also thought the actress (not sure of her name) who played Mitzi did very well. 

  • debbiedaydebbieday Norfolk, United Kingdom
    i have now booked front row seats for june 2014 in the  marine theatre  lowestoft  ,for murder is announced,i saw death on the nile there last year ,and thought it was bloomin marvellous ,and even my husband  who is not a christie fan (im still working on trying to change that bit of him )  thought it was excellent , so cant wait till june 7th 
  • Yes, well I found the Australian version very well produced, not sure how the British version will compare but hopefully for your sake it is fantastic. 
  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

    I am British, Who was in it?

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