Inside the Temple of Styles

The Temple of Styles stands outside in the mysterious Jungle of the Nile.

At the tip top of the Temple of Styles, Miss Marple was so outraged that she opened her umbrella in attempt to swoop over M. Poirot. 

Poirot looked up as Miss Marple glided over him. Poirot then thus held his magnifying glass and knocked Miss Marple over.

"You won't stop me, mister Poirot!"

"Miss Marple, you're a ruthless old hag fish! It will be I that will have the power to control Agathrawn!"

"In your dreams, you slimy escargot! Go back to le France."

Miss Marple swung her purple Victorian umbrella above her optic tentacles and missed hitting Poirot's eye.

"I'm from Brugge, isn't that weird?" Poirot laughed. He blocked Miss Marple's second failed attempt to strike his eye out.

"You can't stop me," Miss Marple said, "I'm the Nemesis!"

"And I," Poirot said defiantly, "I'm the mighty Hercule!"

Then there it was... It was heard ominously: a horrible scratching deliberately on the side of the temple. The temple of Styles started to escalate towards higher ground. The Temple started to crack from side to side...

Miss Marple took this opportunity to lift her little purple umbrella above her optic tentacles and struck Poirot. Poirot was knocked off the temple. Poirot then held tightly on his magnifying glass and lodged it in a crack on the side of the temple and as he pulled himself up, he tapped a secret button component at the tip of his glorious magnifying glass that had instantly turned it into a really cool skateboard.

Miss Marple gasped in awe. 

"I see you've got some neat gadgets, mister Poirot," Miss Marple uttered, "well, I do, too!"

"You'll never catch up to me!" Poirot said as he skated past Miss Marple in full velocity with the help of the little grey neutrino cells speed.

Miss Marple also turned her umbrella into a neat little helicopter and was catching up to Poirot.

"I will be the one who will turn on the Agathrawn," Miss Marple laughed as she sped past Poirot.

"No!" Poirot uttered quickly, "Miss Marple, look out!"

Poor Miss Marple, who was too busy looking back at Poirot and thinking she had beat the detective with the funny looking moustaches and flew right into the mouth of a dreadfully suspicious crocodile.

The crocodile swallowed Miss Marple with one gulp. Poirot, still skating, pondered what to do next. 

If only Colonel Race was here... But, of course, that was it! Think like Race. So, Poirot raced up to that horrible monster on his skateboard and faced it in terror, but with such refined courage.

"Let her go!" Poirot shouted at the crocodile. 

"If you want Miss Marple," said the smiling crocodile (that looked like a cat among the pigeons) and spread its claws out to grab M. Poirot, "come and get her!"

"Quelle horreur!" Poirot uttered, as he skated off the crocodile's nostril. 

The crocodile scoffed at the little light blue space detective with the moustaches. The crocodile huffed and stretched its mouth open and it snapped and crashed its teeth against each-other. Poirot was too late because when he had to maneuver a skating trick, the crocodile gulped down the little detective...

The creepy glowing yellow eyes on top of the crocodile's optic tentacles had little maniacal red squiggly lines on it; looked suspiciously at its surroundings, and went back to its slumber...

What do you think happened? Oh, my gosh! Like really did you just expect that these two space detectives just ended up to be a crocodile lunch? Oh, no, you didn't! Nobody liked my last story, like why not! As if anybody here had a better story to type up just like I did! Whatever!!!! 

So, Poirot used his magnifying glass gadget and turned it on like a flashlight. He had to be inside the crocodile, it seems.

"Miss Marple?" 

After all, Poirot was a good little grey cell. He shone his light over a whimpering little creature huddled in a corner. It was Miss Marple.

"Oh, dear!" Miss Marple was crying, "I'm honestly so happy to see you, mister Poirot..."

"Alas!" Poirot exclaimed, "you're safe!"

Suddenly, Miss Marple have Poirot a sharp glance. Miss Marple sighed. She knew what was going on. She wondered if Poirot did.

"Oh, dear! Do you know where we are, mister Poirot?" Miss Marple asked contemptuously. 

Of course, he knew; but being humble was what Poirot had learned long ago from a friend... Captain Hastings. So, then, under false pretenses, he helped Miss Marple out of the corner; he pretended to be dumb-founded. 

"No," he said, at last, "Miss Marple, I've not the slightest idea."

"Shut up!" Miss Marple let out, "you- pompous old sea slug! You know very well we're inside the Agathrawn..."

Poirot didn't know that, actually, but it was coming altogether now. The crocodile... in the jungle of the Nile... on top of the Temple of Styles... 

"No! No!" Poirot said, "the crocodile is the temple of Styles!"

"No! No!" Miss Marple said, too, "the crocodile is Agathrawn..."

It was indeed a mystery. What was Agathrawn? Or who was Agathrawn? Better yet, was there even such a thing as Agathrawn that could possibly exist? 

"Where's that double sin card, Miss Marple?" Poirot hastily inquired.

"What ever do you mean?" Miss Marple tried to evade.

"We have to use that double sin card to get out from inside this temple..." 

"Oh," Miss Marple realized, "is that what it was for? Oh, dear."

Poirot looked deeply into Miss Marple's eyes. Miss Marple stared at Poirot in a mistrusting kind of manner.

"We have to use the little grey cells," said Poirot, "and together we can escape the mystery of the Temple of Styles..."

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