Linnet Doyle





"Where are you taking me?"


"To Temple of Styles..."


Linnet Doyle was moved from her unsightly surroundings and drawn to Simon. He was so big and strong. Linnet looked over at him secretly from the corner of her eye lids. She was staring at his thick and bulging muscles stretching his optic tentacles. Linnet smiled lightly and admired Simon's dreamy nails. There was something somewhat very attractively masculine about his nails. The only thing that bothered Linnet about Simon's nails was; they weren't painted. 




"Yes, Linnet, baby..."


"You're sweet. I've read all about this place."


Linnet Doyle looked at the whole place when she had arrived on the Temple of Styles. It was like a giant desert land with heaps of cosmic sands piling up in dunes. 


"There's not any information on the system archives about this place," Simon had said after a long silence. He looked out at the sea of dunes. Simon smiled. 


"You gotta see it to believe," he said. "I can't wait to show you around."


"Oh!" Linnet was thrilled. "Are we gonna ride in those mechanical bugs?"


Simon was surprised. That's why he was in love with Linnet Doyle. He admired her desire for adventure. 


"Oh, yeah, baby!" Simon let out, "I wanna let you ride it all by yourself-"


"No," Linnet cried, "I'd always like for you to pilot me."


The Temple of Styles was a breath-taking place. It was still. The cosmic sands were like glitter sparkling like little chunks of stars.


"Very well," Simon said. 


After disembarking the A-73 star vessel, Linnet Doyle was left to go on about herself and just wandered on about the magnificent plains while Simon started refueling. Linnet Doyle took a deep breath. How fair the air was here. 


"Are you ready?" Simon asked.


Linnet Doyle sighed in relief. It was slightly warm and she was excited about riding one of those metallic mechanical bugs. It was like a scarab.

Linnet Doyle looked up at Simon with dreamy eyes. 




And they ride out into the horizon on this shiny metallic bug. It was like a machine with fluttering wings that swooped over the glittering sands like as if it was gliding over the slick black waves of outer space. Linnet wrapped her optic tentacles tightly across Simon's pectorals. Simon smiled as he was being held by Linnet Doyle; these wondrous thoughts came across his mind. This is what he had wanted all along: to have her come across the galaxy to magnificent locations with him; at his side. Simon pressed the tip of his right optic tentacle on a digital console unto a keypad that maneuvered the mechanical bug while his left gripped a clutch gear that steered the machine. The buzzing bug car was quite noisy.


"Where are we going?" Linnet asked.


"There's something that I've got to show you..." Simon said calmly.


There had to be something special about this asteroid that Simon just had to stop here on his journey briefly. But something went wrong. Simon squinted hard as he came to realize that something was really terribly wrong.


“What is this?” Linnet was so upset.


Jackie came out from the Temple of Styles wriggling in laughter as her pink nails waved an ominous greeting.


“There you are, Linnet,” Jackie smiled, “what are you doing out here?”


Linnet looked back at Simon in horror.


“Jackie!” Linnet screamed.


Jackie was Linnet’s arch nemesis.

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