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This a  question I wondered for a long time. A game entitled Mahjong Crimes was actually introduced to me by the Agatha Christie Page. It was under spilgames. I was wondering are people by any chance  still playing the game? I would love to  read your opinions on the game. For those who finished it,  please give some tips on how did you do it. While for those who has not acquired the game, check it out  if  it is to your liking.( It is free, so I don’t think a problem of purchasing will be an issue.)


  • Dr.SheppardDr.Sheppard Oxford, UK
    A quick search on the internet shows the game and there is a walkthrough and solution. It's not my type of game, as it's not one thing or another. 
  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

    How do I access it? Is it like Pairs and you have to pick two of the same like 2 Poirot's or 2 Miss Marple's etc?

  • Dr.SheppardDr.Sheppard Oxford, UK
    Yes, it is not the game of Mahjong in the true sense, rather, can you pair two tiles and remove them from the board. In theory, it would be possible to always clear the board, but as with all games, luck plays its part as there will be a choice of tiles to pair up, making the wrong selection delays a good clearance.
  • I do not play, I play other action games
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