Roger Ackroyd and the sister of Dr.Sheppard

Hi Besides Poirot I have another favourite and that is Hyacinth Bucket in Keeping up Appearances.
Isn´t Hyacinth very much like Caroline Sheppard and Richard Bucket like Doctor Sheppard? And Miss Griffin
like Elizabeth?


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    I'm left wondering if you have read the novel. The setting of the story is in Kings Abbot, perhaps a typical English village with its mix of residents, from wealthy to less well off that run most of the community activities. There is no TV, and one might say very little means of entertainment for the community. So, the villagers talk to each other, spread gossip and are delighted that they might know something before one of their friends does. Hyacinth Bucket tries to claim to be from a class of society that she just fails to fall into and her life revolves around this - it’s very much about herself. In contrast Caroline Sheppard, via her brother and her social group, is able to establish what is going on in the village, informing Poirot about activities he would not otherwise find out.

    Doctor Sheppard, is far from being like Richard Bucket. Richard being the suppressed husband, will do almost anything to appease his wife’s every whim, hoping for an easier life. Doctor Sheppard is the local doctor, who knows what the community is doing and what the individuals are thinking, hence he was able to blackmail Mrs Ferrars.

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