What if the legendary detective Hercule Poirot could somehow actually use these little gray cells and were like creatures that had optic tentacles. Surely, they must have been something that no one could have seen except himself or perhaps in some kind of weird way, the story can be set in some kind of futuristic world where others could also use them; say like Shaitana? I’m thinking of something along the Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon world. I’m trying to explain it as that one film where the people held animals as their demon guides like as in the Golden Compass.

Poirot’s buddy, Babosa, could be a blue slug like scarab beetle looking creature with huge beady eyes and enormous wire moustaches.

Poirot was looking for something in the Temple of Styles. There were certain little crevices that the human being himself could not reach. The hieroglyphs all around seemed to point out that there might be something missing. It was like a puzzle piece.

Poirot held out his hand to reveal a pocket watch. On top of the pocket watch, the little creature, Babosa, moved.

“Do you see it?” Poirot asked it.

“Do you suppose something is in there, Poirot?” asked Babosa.

“Oui, mon petit,” Poirot said, “you are small as I am not. Is there any way you can squeeze in there and find something?”

Poirot then placed the pocket watch on the wall of that inscription. Babosa slithered its way to the slight little opening. There must be something beyond that wall and Poirot had to know just what the thing was hiding in secret.

“What am I looking for?” Babosa asked.

“A clue, my little friend,” said Poirot, “go and see.”

Babosa then wiggled its tiny body through that crevice and Poirot waited.

Poirot kneeled and tried to look through that tiny crevice with magnifying glass.

And through that solemn silence of the dead pharaoh’s tombed hallways, a series of foot steps were approaching gradually.

“Aha!” a voice resounded in echos.

Poirot then turned and unexpectedly dropping the magnifying glass that shattered on the tomb’s barren floor.

“Monsieur Shaitana!” said Poirot.

Alarmed, Poirot stirred quickly and started to back away from the spot he had been investigating and as to not let his contemporary find out what he had already discovered, Poirot kicked the broken glass towards Shaitana.

“Monsieur Poirot,” said Shaitana, “I see you’ve discovered the pharaoh’s black mark. I must admit, mon cher, I'm surprised to find you here…”

“You are a contemptible man, Mr. Shaitana!” Poirot uttered, “it’s enough already that you have let a murderer escape his fate, but now here as I am about to unravel an ancient historical artifact, I will see to it that you will not once again get away with it.”

Automatically thinking ahead in defense, Poirot then clutched his cane that he had previously left hanging by the snout of an Anubis statue.

“Monsieur Poirot,” Shaitana said slyly, “you and I are one in the same but at two different dimensional points. You, the good, the white and pure and I, the evil, the black and twisted. Don’t tempt me, monsieur.”

A voice cried out from the other side of that wall.

“I found it!” Babosa called out.

Shaitana heard it, too.

Poirot froze.

Babosa slithered out of that crevice and faced the two gentlemen outside.

“Uh-oh!” Babosa said unexpectedly, “Did I come out at a bad time?”

Realizing that he wasn’t the only one with a animal buddy, Shaitana then unhinged from his belt as he then revealed his ominous pet: some kind of red and black snake like looking creature with talons above its optic tentacles.

“Not at all,” said Shaitana, “tell me, little friend, what did you find?”

“Don’t say anything,” shouted Poirot.

“I see,” Shaitana said, “you’ve also come in contact with the mystical creatures of the little gray cells, monsieur Poirot. How delightful!”

That snake like creature hissed. The snake like creature started to uncoil itself up and when it stood upright it revealed a terrific set of deadly fangs.

“I present to you,” Shaitana announced, “Esskaldar.”

“Babosssawwa…” Esskaldar hissed.

“Esskalderossa! You?” Babosa cried out in a war like manner.

“Where iss it? It’ss mine!” Esskaldar continued.

“You’ll never have it!” Babosa countered.

It seemed that Esskaldar knew what Babosa had found.

Curious about what Babosa had found but eventually, Poirot had to do something drastically and he did it right away. He held up his cane was about to whack that snake with it but Shaitana thus unsheathed a long sharp rapier and blocked Poirot’s attempt to destroy Esskaldar.

“Get the tiger’s eye, Esskaldar!” Shaitana shouted.

Esskaldar scurried up along the wall as Babosa wiggled itself back into the crevice.

Shaitana, with his rapier held up high over his head, was about to make his lunge against Poirot who stepped back quickly avoiding the blow.

Poirot swung his cane round and round like a baton and kept spinning it waiting for the right precise moment to release it in hopes to strike at Shaitana.

“This is it, Shaitana, isn’t it?” Poirot uttered, “all of what you’ve done will only end in disaster…”

Shaitana held his rapier with both his hands in front of him in attempt to block Poirot’s blow any minute now.

“Give it your best try, Poirot,” Shaitana said angrily, “you’re no match for me!”

And as it would have appeared that Poirot would release his cane from his powerful swing, a series of gun shots echoed through the halls of that ancient Egyptian tomb.

The sound of the gun shots was heard even from the other side the crevice and after Esskaldar had crawled inside of it, Babosa stood in front of a magnificent golden eye trinket. It was just about the same size of itself.

“You’re too late,” Babosa said, “Colonel Race and his minion, Tomislav, will be here to stop you…”

“Ha, ha,” laughed Esskaldar, “we’ll ssee about that…”

Babosa bounced up and down near the tiger’s eye rubbing its slimy optic tentacles all around it. Babosa was measuring it up with its mouth. And unexpectedly, Babosa swallowed the tiger’s eye knowing that it was about to evolve into some kind of terrific feline like creature.

Outside, Poirot watched as his cane flew out of his hands and with great force and struck Shaitana. 

Shaitana fell immediately almost nearly escaping the sharp and deadly pointed end of his very own rapier. Angrily he clutched the rapier at its hilt to strike Poirot and as he was about as to get up, a cold steel firearm pressed against the back of his head.

It was Poirot's friend to the rescue who kicked the rapier out of Shaitana's grasp.

"Mr. Shaitana, you better get up slowly," ordered Colonel Race.

"Mon ami, Colonel Race!" Poirot sighed in relief, "you have come at the very moment I most needed you. Merci. Merci."

Defeated, Shaitana lowered his head in shame but the most terrifying thing was yet to happen: that snake like creature limped over inside the mouth of a horrific cat like looking creature with sharp fangs bleeding with the blood dripping as it had just ripped apart the flesh and bones off the other creature.

Colonel Race's little slug like creature, Tomislav, held a dagger in its optic tentacles.

Poirot eyed that strange looking feline creature with terrified amazement.

"Babosa?" Poirot wondered.

"No!" Tomislav darted quickly, "what have you done to Babosa?"

The feline growled and then laughed.

"It's Miss Ratchett to you now!"

And Shaitana won.


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