the Millenial Rich Girl, Linnet Doyle.

Facing the Nile River, the very rich millenial Ridgeway girl was enjoying her honeymoon on the river boat - until she saw someone she hated... that dreaded Fox News-Reporter... So, she already had something planned...

Linnet Doyle was confronted by the esteemed Fox news reporter Lady Oswald Cootes; their encounter wasn't a pleasant one because Linnet had assumed that everything Lady Cootes had press-released was just more than gossip but actually here-say nonsense that was alarmingly disturbing to her self-acclaimed reputation.

"Well, my word!" Lady Oswald Cootes said aloud, "if it isn't Linnet Doyle, my dear, what a pleasure it is to make your acquaintance-"

Linnet Doyle cut the lady off with with venomousity in her demeanor.

"I know very well who you are!" Linnett raged fiercely, "you're none other than that ragged gossip queen of the column: Lady Oswald Cootes- so glad to make your acquaintance at last, indeed!"

Linnet pushed back her head in contempt; her long gorgeous hair swaying back and forth.

"I expected you to be as frank and uncourteous as you just were," Lady Cootes snapped back, "I've heard that you've come across and from such frivolous and provisional backgrounds and now I'm sure of it from your expression."

Linnet Doyle glared at Lady Cootes.

"You're deliberately here to attack me on my most happiest moment: my honeymoon!" Linnet protested, "aren't you?"

"That's no way to talk to me, young lady!" Lady Cootes uttered, "granted, I'll have you know that rumor has it that you married Simon for just the mere publicity stunt! and what an incredible stunt for such a woman like you, I daresay." 

Linnet sounded disgusted, "you are just like what you report about on those stupid tabloid media circuits; you are contemptible and I'll have you know that my solicitors and I are going to make you swallow that social garbage you rage on about!"

"Ha-ha," Lady Cootes laughed, "I made an extensive fortune ridiculing you and your poor lifestyle choices. You are such-" 

Linnet Doyle was about to curse out and lash out against Lady Cootes, but refrained, for after all she had been recording what this foul news-reporter had just said. Perfect!

"You better watch it, Lady Cootes," warned Linnet threatening and cautiously to the Fox news reporter, "because I've just recorded this conversation and everything you just said will appear before the courts and on Fox TV, my dear! I'm gonna sue you for your slander and libel!"

Lady Oswald Cootes' mouth and jaw dropped and stayed open for a moment.

"Please close your mouth," said Linnet, once again, "it's very unladylike!"

Lady Oswald watched as Linnet Doyle retrieved an iPhone from a corner, clicking stop on a recording. Linnet went past Lady Cootes.

Lady Cootes, in rage, and thinking she was all alone, slapped her hand against the railing.

"Ooh-" Lady Cootes murmured, "I'll kill her..."

No one heard that- except for Hercule Poirot, who stood, hidden, holding onto the riverboat railing...

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