Looking for specific UK covers of Hercule Poirot

B00KwyrmB00Kwyrm Georgia, United State
Hoping someone here can help me with this.

I recently ordered the Hercule Poirot boxed sets that are available on the UK market (see here for an example -- there are 3 sets with a total of 19 books). I am now seeking the editions with matching covers to complete the rest of the Hercule Poirot collection, but they are proving to be incredibly difficult to pin down, despite having been published between 2015-2017. I ordered the remaining 19 titles I needed from a big UK book retailer online, thinking I would get the covers I wanted because those were the images included with the item listings. Of the 19 items I received, only 7 were the covers I actually wanted, so I'm still searching for the remaining 12 I need. (The customer service reps for that company have told me they have no way of guaranteeing the cover I will receive, as apparently the same ISBN has been used for multiple covers of the books. According to them, if they send me the correct ISBN, it doesn't matter in their eyes what cover it has -- they've sent me the "correct" item.) Other book dealers I've contacted on eBay, abebooks, etc. tell me the same thing -- they keep big warehouses of inventory and aren't willing to verify that the item is actually the one I want before shipping it to me.

Does anyone have any ideas for how I can get the covers I'm looking for? I'm so frustrated and dismayed by this. It shouldn't be this hard to get specific editions of books that were published within the last couple of years. 

(P.S. I'm in the US and these editions are only available on the UK market, so I can't just go into a bookstore and look for the covers I want myself, unfortunately.) 


  • B00KwyrmB00Kwyrm Georgia, United State

    For the record, these are the covers I'm seeking: 

  • The client benefit reps for that organization have revealed to me they have no chance to get of ensuring the cover I will get, as obviously the equivalent ISBN has been utilized for numerous fronts of the books. As indicated by them, in the event that they send me the right ISBN, it doesn't make a difference in their eyes what cover it has.
  • I think you are looking for the versions that were printed in 2010, (you can confirm this with your other books in the series you are collecting), however, the 125 Aniversary badge/logo was introduced for 2015 for a limited period. So, requesting by an ISBN number will not guarantee the cover that you want. You might try 1) ebay, where an individual has provided a cover of the book they are selling, or 2) an individual on this website may have a copy they are willing to sell, or, finally, 3) someone in the UK can see if they can find the covers you are looking for in a charity shop (don't expect them to be in mint condition). Pausing for a quick glance, I spotted two novels with the covers you are looking for on ebay (UK). Let me know if I can help - I don't mind going into a charity shop, although I would advise you that the Agatha  Christie books sell quickly from this source. Good Luck with your quest.
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