Tuesday Club Murders

Hey, I am currently reading Agatha Christie's The Thirteen Problems. Who are your favourite characters from this short story collection? I (obviously) like Sir Henry, but how about you? Also, which story was your favourite?


  • There was a discussion of this book in the past. I still vote for "Herb of death" and Dolly Bantry as my favourites. 
  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

    I love this book of short stories, I read it like a book and Partners in Crime where as with other books of short stories I just read a story, My Favourite Characyers in this book are all the people at the two sittings except The Wests and The teller of 'The Bungalow.I think all three are among Christies worst Creations although I do like The Blood-stained Pavement I don't like The Bungalow and not fond of Ingots of Gold, I think Jane is annoying, I can't even bother to see if I have her name right and Raymond and his Girlfriend who later becomes his wife are just obnoxious but I love the Book and love the settings and the other Characters.
  • I agree that I was disappointed after reading Ingots of Gold, so that would have to be my least favourite while I really enjoyed The Christmas Tragedy, The Blood-Stained Pavement  and The Idol House of Astarte, to name a few. Really, I did enjoy it as a whole and loved the continued astonishment of the others at Miss Marple sleuthing skills!
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