Favourite Poirot Short Story?

What is your favourite short Poirot story from any collection? I personally enjoy The Stymphalian  Birds from The Labours of Hercules, how about you?


  • I'll go for "The Labours of Hercules" as well, my favourite is "The Arcadian Deer".
  • Ah, yes I enjoyed that one also!
  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

    I have so many Favourite Poirot Novels, A B C Murders, Cards On The Table, The Clocks, Cat Among The Pigeons, Mrs McGinty's Dead, After The Funeral and Evil Under The Sun and when it comes to short Stories: The Adventure of Hunters Lodge, The Missing Will, The Disappearance of Mr Davenheim and The Clapham Cook, The Mystery of The Christmas Pudding is also a Favourite.
  • I recently read The Christmas Pudding and it was very enjoyable! I love the twists and turns of that one!
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