12 Radio Mysteries, BBC Radio 4 Dramatisations

FebruaryFillyFebruaryFilly Lexington, KY, USA
New to the forums.  I read many Christie novels in my pre teen years after exhausting the library's Nancy Drew collection.  Fast forward a quarter century and my library has recently acquired the majority of her works in audio format so I've undertaken the collection as my year's 'reading' goal.  In trying to weed out what the library doesn't own I stumbled upon Magnolia Blossom which led me to the 12 Radio Mysteries Audiobook (Magnolia is only available via Golden Ball or this audio collection in the US if I understand correctly).  I recognize all of the Radio Mystery titles except 'The Case of the Perfect Carer' and 'The £199 Adventure.'  Does anyone know if these are published under other titles or can direct me to a similar conversation thread?  I'd appreciate it before making the purchase knowing if these are exclusive titles or can be found elsewhere.


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