When is Sleeping Murders set?

I'm doing a university project on Sleeping Murders where I'm creating props based off of the novel, but I'm struggling to find an exact date for when it is set. I feel that it was around the late 1930s but I wonder if anyone knows the specific year, and as a result when the original murder happened? I might just be being totally oblivious but thought someone might be able to help. Thanks!


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    It was written during the blitz (1940-1941) and is considered to be set in the 30s. Since usually her novels are set near the time of writing, I would guess late 30s. 
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    Please excuse my disagreement, but John Curran's research indicates that Sleeping Murder was actually written (or at least revised) during the 1950's, and some Christie scholars place the story in the mid-late 1950's (no specific year).  Since Col. Bantry is still alive, we know it takes place before The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side.
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