Hercule Poirot's Christmas

 Could someone tell me how good is Hercule Poirot's Christmas please. I'm about to start the book so don't want any spoilers. However to fire me self up..a few words perhaps ratings about the book will be highly appreciated. thanks.


  • Lot's of blood and snow!  The set up is an obnoxious old man is murdered. Everyone looks suspicious. There are a few clues littered around, so you can have fun looking for those. The end is a shock.

    This would make a good book of he month for December. I'll think I;ll dig out my copy and re-read it. 
  • roamingrover86roamingrover86 United Kingdom
    Brilliant! Thanks Miss Quin. Can't wait to dig in!
    The time is indeed fitting, hence I choose to start with this book. Will get a feel of Christmas & the festive season .

  • RobertRobert Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

    I also have a question to the experts on 'Christmas', which I just finished reading. I wonder whether anybody else stumbled across this: Inspector Sugden tells Poirot early on that Lydia had quoted Macbeth when the party discovered the body. However it is clear that Sugden was not in the room when the two quotes were uttered! So how could he have known? Is this a slip by Christie? Or did I miss anything?

    Thanks and merry Christmas


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