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AndrewMcMillanAndrewMcMillan Victoria, Australia
Hi all. I'm looking for music to use in an agatha Christie style murder mystery. Could someone suggest any composers, tracks used on stage previously or film? Thanks Andrew


  • Pat_septemberPat_september Gauteng, South Africa
    edited November 2013
    The Intro to the Poirot series is using the music of Gabriel Faure, Sicilienne, listen to it here on youtube.

  • Pat_septemberPat_september Gauteng, South Africa
    If you're familiar with the genius of Igudesman and Joo, their X-Files number will probably be another great choice. You can view a live recording here on youtube again - not the best quality, but you can form an opinion, It should be featured on their DVD A Little Nightmare Music - great quality whether you are a classical music fan or not , hilarious also.
  • Pat_septemberPat_september Gauteng, South Africa
    Carmina Burana, O Fortuna by Carl Orff might also work.It had the quiet drums in the opening, the choir start in a whisper only to build up powerfully and end abruptly. This is a fantastic production of La Fortuna
  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
    Is it possible to buy the Joan Hickson Miss Marple Theme Tune and is it available as a Ring Tone, I would loveit as a Ring tone.
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