What are the best movies with Hercule Poirot?

I've never watched and i wanna know the best movie cause until now i just read the novels by Agatha Christie


  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
    Evil Under The Sun, Great Cast,Great Scenery, Great Music, Just Great
  • I've only seen 3 Poirot films/movies. My favourites are Death On The Nile and Evil Under The Sun. 

    The murder On The Orient Express is good, but I dislike Albert Finney. 

    But I find it's best to always read the books first 

  • tudestudes Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    edited December 2013
    I like Peril at end house, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, The murder on the Orient Express, although I didn't like Albert Finney as Poirot either, but David Suchet's version is not good. David Suchet, I have to say, is the best!
    And I also like Death on the Nile and The ABC murders is not bad.
    I also think ( I agree with MissQuin) that you should read the books before watching the movies. They do a lot of changes, not for the best, at least in my opinion.
  • I only mentioned the actual films but some of the episodes in the Poirot TV series are just as good.

    The Poirot TV series: my top 10 in no particular order

    1. Peril At End House is a very loyal to the book and great fun to watch because of it's snappy dialogue and wonderful costumes. 
    2.  The ABC Murders
    3. Mysterious Affair At Styles 
    4. Halloween Party 
    5. Affair At The Victory Ball.
    6. Hickory Dickory Dock
    7. Death In the Clouds
    8. Lord Edgware Dies
    9. Murder In The Mews
    10. The King Of Clubs

    in fact nearly all of the episodes made before 2001.
  • tudestudes Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    edited December 2013
    Peril at End house could have been a model to the others adaptions. I also like Elephans can remember, although it's different from the book, but the changings in this particular case were an improvement to the book.
    And I also agree that the best episodes were made before 2001.
    But I have to say that Evil under the sun was a bit disappointed. I expected much more from Suchet's version. It's seems a lot to the PC game. But the Ustinov version is better.
  • cwa11acecwa11ace Maine, United States
    I love Evil Under the Sun and Death on the Nile best, but i think that is because I enjoy Peter Ustinov. However,  watch them with the understanding that the movies and books are going to be different, and that will help overcome any disappointments....
  • You must see The clocks 

  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
    I thought this thread was just about the Films (Cinema)
  • I enjoyed The ABC Murders, Evil under the Sun, Death on the Nile, Cat among the pigens and Mrs. McGinty's Dead.
  • MikeMorrowMikeMorrow Kansas, United States
    My top five Suchet movies are Hercule Poirot's Christmas, Evil Under the Sun, Sad Cypress, Ms. McGinty's Dead, and Five Little Pigs.  Murder on the Orient Express with Finney is also a classic; it is much better than the version with Suchet; the latter made too many changes to the book, and none of them were good.
  • luismkluismk Bariloche,Rio Negro, Argentina
    Death on the Nile, with Ustinov!!!
  • Here are my top 10 Poirot films (in no particular order):

    1. The Mysterious Affair At Styles
    2. Five Little Pigs
    3. The Hollow
    4. The Affair At The Victory Ball
    5. Hercules Poirot's Christmas
    6. The Dream
    7. The ABC Murders
    8. Lord Edgware Dies
    9. The Theft of the Royal Ruby
    10. The Mystery of the Spanish Chest 

    I got other faves that didn't make the list but these are the 10 that jumped in my mind.
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