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did Geraldine McEwan ever act in A Caribbean Mystery ....there is no record of it but I am extremely certain that  she did ...can someone please help ...I think I am going crazy

I know Julia McKenzie acted in a recent adaptation and Joan Hickson starred in one in the 80s but Geraldine did one sometime between 2007 and 2009 ....thank you

curious greg


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    No, Geraldine McEwan  was replaced as Miss Marple by Julia Mckenzie who starred in the current Marple series of A Caribbean Mystery. 

    McEwan did appear in Marple-Nemesis 2007 which in the book is set after A Caribbean Mystery. The adaptation altered things so that events in A Caribbean mystery wasn't mentioned.
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    Nothing against Julia, but I wish Geraldine would've kept going with the series. She has a sinister quality to her that I think suited Miss Marple so well. Not that she's evil, of course, but she can see evil and she has to be able to have that kind of insight, even for a "little old lady" to recognize evil and therefor has to take on a certain quality that is able to take that on. To me she is just perfect!

    The Joan Hickson version of Carribean Mystery is pretty good, in my opinion. I love Donald Pleasence and was happy to see him guest star in that episode. I don't think I've seen Julia's take on it yet.
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    The Julia McKenzie version of CM is very good, but so is the Hickson version. I like Tim better in the Hickson version, he was more like Tim in the book. Also Miss Maple's friendship with the maid makes it even more tragic when ... I can't say, now that would be spoilers.

    But I think that it's worth watching Julia McKenzie. I give her full credit for an accurate portrayal of Miss Maple. 

    I'm interested how different people perceive portrayals of Miss Marple. I thought that in Body In The Library McEwan had a very steely quality ay one point. This is seen when she interviews the girl guide- I agree she is sinister. In fact McEwan is probably more well known for playing wicked ladies.

     But I think that they (or McEwan) did decide to take Miss Marple in a different direction in later episodes. She seemed more talkative and actually quite giggly. For instance in Bertram's Hotel. Also when picking a lock in Ordeal By Innocence. It's rather a strange sight to see! Also  in the dire Sittaford mystery, she was chatting away I always have the impression of her more as a listener than a talker. 

    I think that McEwan may have quit after she had a fall? I saw her on TV recently at the book event for Judith Kerr, so I think she's still working.

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    I agree with MissQuin that Julia McKenzie's version of CM was excellent and actually one of the best Marple's she has done since she took over from Geraldine McEwan but I still think Geraldine was a far better Marple.
    She looks exactly how I imagine Jane Marple to look and I loved the cheekiness she brought to the role.  I also loved the additional of a tragic love affair in her Miss Marple stories as it gave a real depth to her character.  So I wish she had filmed Caribbean Mystery as I would love to see that!
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    I thought the Marple Versions of Murder At The Vicarage, A Murder Is Announced and 4.50 From Paddington were almost perfect minus a few unnecessary changes but I didn't feel the Series became good again until the Julia McKenzie version of CM although The Blue Gerranium was quite good at the 2nd time of watching, Grenshawe's Folly was very good 
  • I felt as the series progressed the stories they adapted were getting closer and closer to the original stories. For example in series three they practice changes most of what happened, especially nemesis. The with Series IV to 2 of the stories were fairly improved out of the Four. And two were not, then in series 5 two they were even closer and in series 6 all the stories were close even endless night which was not a Miss Marple story.
  • I wished they adapted all the short stories with the TV series, it would be nice to watch them.
  • Especially as each novel has been adapted at least 3 times (including radio)
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    It trook a long time to get to the Original work, and they spent money doing Non-Miss Marple's which could have been spent doing The short stories even if it meant Murders would have to be added to stories like Motive Vs Opportunity and Strange Jest because of Time That would have been better than putting Miss Marple in The Secret of Chimneys and others. 
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    I thought ITV also Put Miss Marple in 7Dials, Am I wrong, or hasn't it been shown yet or have I missed it and If I have missed it who was in it.
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    When they announced the three-episode sixth series of "Marple," Seven Dials was supposed to be one of the three.  Early in the development stage, Seven Dials was jettisoned and replaced with Greenshaw's Folly.
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    Oh That makes sense, Thank you, In My Paper yesterday it said Julia McKenzie had a ywar to g of her contract
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    The status of "Marple" is unclear.  The BBC recently received exclusive rights to produce Christie adaptations, which means that the ITV series is effectively halted.
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    I hope The BBC do as good a Job as They did with the Joan Hickson Miss Marple series, ITV did brilliantly with Poirot and they could have done just as well with The Marple series but It wasn't good, I don't see why Both Channels can't have Christie at the same time, for the first few years of Poirot we had Miss Marple on BBC1 didn't we or am I wrong?
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