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  • DenhdoDenhdo California, United States

    If you have the spreadsheet of all the Bantam Book series items, I would appreciate a copy.  My email address is  Thanks.

  • FloraFlora United States
    I am acquiring the Bantam AC set and have 88 volumes. Would someone kindly send me a list of all the volumes?
  • FloraFlora United States
    In discussions last year, some of you said you have a spreadsheet of all the books in the Bantam Books AC collection. Would one of you share that with us newbies?

    My address is
  • Would someone please send me the spreadsheet or a list with the 125 titles in the complete Bantam Agatha Christie Mystery Collection?  Thank you so much!  You can email me at


  • They are all listed on page 3 (by original publish date, not Bantam release date)
  • I'd like to know if anyone has some diaries/calendars that they would like to part with. I am looking for the 1994, 1995 and 1999 Engagement Diaries. Please email me if you have them available.

  • Also, if anyone requires the list, send me an email and I will send it to you.

  • Why are the stories "Sing a Song of Sixpence" and "Mr. Eastwood's Adventure" excluded from the Bantam collection Witness for the Prosecution?
  • About The Floating Admiral: I recently acquired this used paperback. It was written, if I recall correctly, in the 1920s, and Agatha Christie only wrote one chapter, chapter 4. It was a collaboration of her mystery writer's club, where they each contributed one chapter based on what had been written up to that point. It was fun to read, but it wasn't really an Agatha Christie. I doubt it was in the Bantam collection, of which I have 80 titles. I joined in the 1980s in order to get everything Agatha Christie ever wrote; until I read this forum thread, I thought I had them all!
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    I have 81 volumes of the Agatha Christie Mystery Collection and bookends from bantam books that I want to sell. Please contact me if anyone is interested.
  • bambiwhite1758bambiwhite1758 Nevada, United States
    Black Coffee was not written by Agatha Christie, but the author was give rights.  I also have 95% of the black collection  and a couple of rare finds from much earlier edition.  mine are in excellent shape except for normal dust at tips of the pages from sitting on shelf.
  • bambiwhite1758bambiwhite1758 Nevada, United States

    Black Coffee

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  • bambiwhite1758bambiwhite1758 Nevada, United States
    There are also 2 books Ms. christie wrote under the name  Mary Westmacotts
  • I believe there are 6 Mary Westmacott books.
  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States
    Yes, the six Mary Westmacott books are Giant's Bread, Absent in the Spring, Unfinished Portrait, The Burden, A Daughter's A Daughter, and The Rose and the Yew Tree.

  • SammieMarieSammieMarie United States
    Can someone please give me a list as well! My great grandmother was collecting these and she had collected them all but moving and stuff I believe some were misplaced as we only have 81 now. I really appreciate it! Thanks in advance!!!
  • AlexBarry said:

      I would love the spread sheet you wrote about in this feed over a year ago. Is leaving my email on here best or can we use private messages on here? I'm new to the website. Thank you. I just purchased 80 of the Bantam set for a smokin' deal so I am currently seeing what all I have. Poirot is the most important to me and thankfully I have all his novels in the collection. Only one set of short stories is missing, and the play Black Coffee (which I love) so I will try to get those soon. Anyhow. Thank you for your time.


  • I would also love to have the spread sheet showing the complete collection, please. I am new to the site but have been an avid Agatha Christie fan since childhood. If anyone can tell me where and how you send private messages on this site it would be most appreciated. All of you may already know this but with as many books and shows as I have devoured over the years about Dame Christie I was recently quite surprised to find out that the mystery of her disappearance is revealed in one of her own books. It is the the Unfinished Portrait written under the name of Mary Westmacott. I am dying to acquire a copy and read it for myself.
  • MarcWatson-GrayMarcWatson-Gray Dundee City, United Kingdom
    Thank you for that piece of information JanFritz..........Unfinished Portrait will be on my" to do" list as well now...
  • Hi all, I am new to the site and would very much appreciate if someone can forward me the complete list of all the volumes in this set. I too have 80 titles and am unsure what I still need to finish my collection. Thanks! Kevin
  • MrMintMrMint Illinois, United States

    I am in the process of starting to collect the books in this Bantam set and currently have 16 of them in the black leatherette.  I have found though that they are also available in a navy blue leatherette.

    Does anybody know why there are two colors, if the entire collection is available in both colors, and if there are any differences between them?

    I am trying to decide if I should just go after one particular color or "mix-and-match".

    Thank you for any information!
  • I know that I'm joining this conversation a little late, but if I could be sent a copy of the excel sheet with all the titles, that would be great. I just barely acquired around 30 of the Bantam book lately, and I'm eager to complete the collection.
  • RhodaC.HillRhodaC.Hill Nova Scotia, Canada
    I'm joining in late too.  I recently purchased 81 of these books for only $81!!!  YEEHAW  I would love to have the excel sheets as well.  My email is

  • crb0829crb0829 Michigan, United States
    I've been an Agatha Christie fan for over 50 years. I started collecting her books from the Bantam's Agatha Christie Mystery Collection in 1978, then was transferred overseas in 1989 (lived in Germany for 22 years) and let my subscription lapse (was getting one book a month). I have most of the collection, but now that I'm retired and back in the USA, I'd like to finish my collection. I have 94 books in my collection, and know what books I'm missing, but it would be nice to get confirmation that the books I am missing are the ONLY books I am missing. Does someone have an absolute list of Bantam's Agatha Christie Mystery Collection that I can compare my list to? My email address is 
  • shanashana Paramaribo, Suriname
    Is @AlexBarry still active on this site?
  • lfrank1lfrank1 Tooele, USA
    Hi! I am new and interested in the spreadsheet that people have been talking about containing the list of all available Bantam lether books. Could someone send that to me at Much appreciated.
  • Jafox88Jafox88 Laurel, De USA
    I would appreciate a copy of the list of all the books in the Agatha Christie mystery collection by Bantam. If anyone has a copy of the list please e-mail it to me at 
  • gloriagloria Sunrise Florida USA
    I have agatha christie black leatherette collection engagement calendars in Mint condition as well the book ends that were offered as add on items. I would like to know if there is any interest in collecting these items? Thanks!
  • ellenshongellenshong Charleston, USA
    I would also greatly appreciate any "lists" that any of the members have generated and I DO thank Amy W. for laboriously posting her list which will be very helpful, though the sortable Excel sheet would be SO welcome!  Please send to  I'm latest yet to this discussion (so far) but would be pleased to share any information I have.  

    I'm still trying to complete my own collection - I currently have 71 of the Bantam books and am in the process of purchasing two more.  I've learned from a Seller on Ebay (of two VERY expensive volumes I don't plan to buy...see below) that Bantam issued these volumes in two "waves".  This seller didn't say when the first publications were issued but I believe my first acquisitions were in 1983 (by member subscription as one commentator said) and I thought that was the first year but another commentator above said she started collecting them in 1978, so evidently I'm wrong.  

    Anyway, this Ebay seller said that publication of the collection "was originally slated to end with the publication of its 86th title, An Autobiography, in November, 1990. However, starting in 1992, the Collection was revived with 16 additional titles being published on an irregular basis through the year 2000. This second series did not enjoy the wide distribution of the earlier series and books from the series today are much more difficult to find."   The two titles he is offering for sale are Murder in the Mews and Unexpected Guest and he says they are from this second "wave" of publications by BantamFor whatever it's worth, Unexpected Guest, THE NOVEL, was adapted by Charles Osborne from the Christie PLAY of the same name.  The same is true of Unexpected Guest, Spider's Web and Black Coffee.  Perhaps one other.   For me, if would be nice to have the ones adapted by others but I'm not going to spend money on those until I can track down all of the "real" Agatha novels issued in this collection.  Ditto the non-mysteries:  I believe that the books written under the name Mary Westmacott may also have been also released in this second series.  Can anyone confirm?  

    A second piece of information shared by this same Ebay seller is this:  ... all copies of this book (referring to both The Unexpected Guest and Murder in the Mews were published with "Bantam" on the spine but with "Literary Express" on the Title and Copyright pages."  I have read Murder in the Mews and it is a novella, not a novel, so I would hope this seller's copy has other stories included. According to my very old but trusted copy of he Agatha Christie Companion, The Complete Guide to Agatha Christie's Life and Work" (Dennis Sanders and Len Lovallo, Copyright 1984, 1989 with an endorsement by Rosalind Christie, Agatha's only daughter - out of print but copies still available) there was a collection of Poirot novellas published in the U.S. as "Dead Man's Mirror" that included "Murder in the Mews" which failed to include one of the novellas in the British collection published as MintheM.  Luckily for us, at least one of the "waves" of books in this Bantam Collection DID include that other novella, "The Incredible Theft", as well as a fourth novella, "Triangle at Rhodes".  So for those of you that have the Bantam edition of Dead Man's Mirror published by Bantam in May 1988, you have all four of these novellas.

    One of the things that is so challenging about collecting, tracing -- and trying to decide whether to undergo the expense of purchasing what is essentially a duplicate of a book one already owns --is the frequency with which Dame Agatha's titles of novels were changed by the US publishers (as Sanders and Lovallo say - perhaps they didn't think American readers knew what "mews" were!)  Also, various anthologies of Christie works contain one or more of the same novels as other single volume collections.  As for her short stories, they are even worse to nail down, as Alex, the first writer in this thread revealed:  The Hound of Death, and The Listerdale Mystery are not novels but are short stories.  Both were published BY CHRISTIE is short story collections, sometimes with and sometimes without the phrase "and Other Stories" occurring in the title of that particular book.  Other collections of short stories, of course, have totally different titles than any of the stories IN the collection, e.g. Poirot Investigates, which is Dame Agatha's first published collection of short stories and which IS included in the Bantam Agatha Christie Mystery Collection, as are a number of others.

    OK...I really came on here to ask a question not to expound, but I hope this sharing by a fellow seeker of definitive information is helpful!

    MY question has to do with the Bantam collection -- and I'm not sure whether it applies to the first "wave" from 19?? to 1990 or the subsequent wave between 1992 and 2000.  It has to do with the binding.  Many of the volumes in my collection -- and I'm very sure all of them from my original purchases as a Bantam subscriber have gilt edges.  When the book is closed the pages appear to be gold.  Subsequent purchases I have made on Ebay have been mostly of volumes lacking that gilt edge. I haven't looked thru each of my volumes to ascertain whether there is a Bantam publication date at which the gilt edges cease -- in which case I should give up trying to find copies with the gilt edge -- or whether, like the black and the navy issue, there really were separate sorts of bindings.  Any light which any of you in the community could shed would be most welcome!

  • garryfarleygarryfarley Baltimroe, USA

    I am an avid reader. I have read a book from the  Bantam books Agatha Christie Collection. Can someone send me a list of book titles in this collection so I can have all of them for my library? I have several collections of books

    Garry Farley

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