The Beginning of the END!!

Chapter 1- The waiting -
It was a dark,windy, night. Sir Richmond Duke, an old yet very wealthy merchant, was dining with his friend, Arthur Wargrave.Sir Richmond and Arthur were long time friends of each other. While Sir Richmond was in his mid 50's, had a heavy built ,a thick mane of dark black hair (on which little grey hairs had started to grow) small green eyes and sharp ears, Sir Arthur was in his mid 60's, had grey hair and blue eyes. On a dark night like this, if Sir Arthur was to wear a black wig and walk, people would think that he was Sir Richmond Duke. Sir Richmond Duke was an ex-boxer who had left boxing and had become an export merchant, while Arthur Wargrave was an army veteran and a complete disciplinary at heart. Today they both were sitting in a bar, enjoying drinks and reminiscing about old days, neither of them aware that with vengenance, fury and hatred in the eyes, bobby was staring at them.
Bobby took a piece of paper and on it wrote a single name and struck it out. Richmond Duke.


  • NayanikaNayanika Maharashtra, India
    I have written just one single chapter, in fact a single paregraph to be exact ! I wish to proceed the story in a different yet sadistic manner. Any suggestions please?
  • LL88LL88 Sofiya, Bulgaria
    Why it should be sadistic? What is the motive for the murder? This could help for any ideas. :)
  • NayanikaNayanika Maharashtra, India
    thank you :) I'll write ahead and post it. Please do leave your comments and suggestions!
  • FrankFrank Queensland, Australia
    An interesting begingin. I look forward to the next instalment.
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