Has anyone read the short story "the monkey's paw" by W.W.Jacobs? If yes how did you find it? I really liked the plot. It was a very common genre (supernatural) but somehow this particular story made a big impact on me. Maybe because it is open to many interpretations and theories.What was your favorite part of the story?


  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States
    That's one of my favorite short stories.  My favorite part is the opening scene where the guy explains what the paw is and tries to burn it.
  • that_girl_againthat_girl_again Tamil Nadu, India
    edited March 2014
    @GKCfan that's one of my favorite parts too. It gives a very mystic start to the story.Even after all these year whenever I read it I still get queasy.
  • i have read this and it's also one of my favorite short stories .. actually when you become 10th grade in the school you have to read a book which contains this story but i read it before .. i love the ending part though which i consider my favorite part   :)>-
  • that_girl_againthat_girl_again Tamil Nadu, India
    @maryamalbulushi ;
    I read this in 12th grade and I too love the ending. My favourite part is when the first wish comes 'true'. That's when I understood the actual awesomeness of the story :wink: 
  • I also read it in Highschool (it appeared in a book of required reading). I didn't like it - it spooked me out - but really loved the ending. Somehow that sailor, who accepts his destiny and plans to enjoy life to the full, is empowering - kind of a message to the reader.
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