A book about someone that manipulates murderers?

chrisjohnchrisjohn Saint George, Dominica
Hi there!

A friend of mine told me about a book from Agatha Christie where the main criminal character is not a murderer himself, but a inteligent person that manipulates others, heading them to commit a murder. Since he doesn't commit the murder himself, he cannot be guilt.

I'm really curious about what novel is that, but I don't know the title! Can anybody tell me?



  • TuppenceTuppence City of London, United Kingdom
    Hi @chrisjohn,

    The book you're looking for is Curtain: Poirot's Last Case. We recommend reading the other Poirot novels first, as this was the last one to be published and involves a twist at the end.
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    Yes, @chrisjohn, Poirot considers this to be the perfect killer, and due to the manipulation - compares the killer to Iago from Shakespeare's Othello. But as it's meant to be read last, you've got a way to go...
    I envy you - I'm really excited every time I find an Agatha Christie I haven't yet read.
    Happy reading!!

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