Poirot Reading List

MichaelHallMichaelHall Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
I am new to the forum and just starting a long term project involving Poirot reading. Why does "And Then there were None" not appear on the Poirot reading list?


  • @MichaelHall, this novel AKA Ten Little Niggers/ Indians does not feature Hercule Poirot! That's probably why it isn't on the Poirot reading list. But it is a marvellous story!
    There isn't really a detective in it, in fact. The murderer himself explains his actions, because he assumes (probably rightfully) that otherwise the truth will never be known.
  • MichaelHallMichaelHall Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
    Many thanks for the prompt updates  and for putting me on the straight and narrow !

    Looking forward to getting into the project and being part of the community 

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