"The Dark Lash" Chapter One

This Story is not for the competition. It is just a story I was thinking of. It is just to hear people's opinion. My story is dramatized between 50s and 60s.

Chapter one

  It was a rainy Saturday night at miss Mabely's  small bungalow, which is near a sea, when it all started. We were drinking our green tea, discussing with miss Mabely my wife and Mr Bumbleby (an old man who feels like a adolescent and thinks that he knows everything) the invention of the hard disk drive. 
-It is a very arrant invention, said Mr Bumbleby. I have a friend...
  Mr Bumbleby's notorious friend... He knows anything for everyone and everything and has a wide knowledge in history technology, politics and economics. Every time he refers to "a friend" I want to say "Really? What's his name? I want
to meet him". But I haven't done it yet.
   A sudden event stopped Mr Bumbleby's monotonous monologue. A woman was outside and screamed. Miss Mabely opened a door that I hadn't noticed and the woman entered. Watching her eyes I realized that she was crying. She had deep green eyes and brown curly hair. She was beautiful. She could play the role of the sleeping Beauty. The strange woman whispered something at mr Bumbleby's ears that made him shout.
- What? Go home and lock your room with you inside!
   His voice was so loud that made the beauty cry. The beauty left the house away running crying and shouting. Her white dress had such a vivid color that I could see her miles away.
  - I am sorry, but I must go. Goodnight to everyone, said smiling.
  He had a very cruel smile. He was very hideous.
   After half a hour we left. The rain had stopped and the moon could be easily seen through the clouds.  We had a small walk at the beach. While we were walking I said;
  -Estelle what did you think of this strange woman?
  - She was very pretty. But I believe that she is a bit mad.
  - Indeed. 
  We saw a huge mass lying at the sea. We went near this mass. It was the Beauty. She was almost dead.  She blood made her white dress red. She whispered something like "the dark glass"or "the dark grass". I couldn't hear exactly what she said because I have bad ears. She caught me by my tie and said " You should stop it! Wickedness is everywhere!" It was the last phrase she said.
 We went at miss Mabely's bungalow running. She said in a vulgar manner;
-What do you want here? It's 22:15!
-We are very sorry but we didn't know what to do. While walking across the coastline we met the woman who was here before a hour. 
-Really? Is this the excuse for coming here?
- No. We came here to call the police and report this woman's death! said Estelle unexpectedly.
   Miss Mabely's eyes were wide open. She showed Estelle where the phone was and my wife called. After a couple of minutes she came to us and said that a policeman will come. 
-Could you show me the corpse? asked miss Mabely
 We went to near the body of this woman and showed it to her.
 -Poor Shirley... 
A tear slipped from her eyes and fell to the sea. We all went to the house. It was only five minutes until the police came. However it seemed to me as half a century. We didn't talk we didn't do anything but sitting and thinking. 
 When the police car arrived miss Mabely opened the door. A policeman entered with a amateur policeman following him. I couldn't believe my eyes! It was Chief Inspector LeVourne! I was his assistant when we were at the colonies. We solved lots of crimes together. Old times... I have now retired.
 -Oh! You are LeVourne! Don't you remember me? I'm Greg! I couldn't hold my smile. He was my only friend there.
 - You old chap! How could I forget someone that saved my life. These coincidences will drive me crazy! You will be the first that I will cross-examine! Now drive me to the body.


  • FrankFrank Queensland, Australia
    A very interesting start to your novel. I look forward to reading more one day. 
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