Why did they change bacon into bread in the audio book?

While reading along in the book while listening to the audio book, we noticed that they had changed "bacon" into "bread." So instead of Vera Claythorne frying bacon, she was toasting bread. Does anybody know why this change was made?

-Mrs. Arrington's 7th Grade Class


  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
    How perculiar, was it a reading? perhaps the Narrator was a Vegetarian and refused to say it or if it was a Dramatization the Actress refused to be thought of doing it
  • CaptainHastingsCaptainHastings Illinois, United States
    Must have been a different audio book than I just listened to, Miss Arrington.  The scene where Vera was frying bacon and Emily Brent was frying eggs Vera became distracted and the bacon started burning.  Emily Brent noticed this and said, "Vera, the bacon is burning."  Not bread.  I listened to the version that Hugh Fraser (the actor who plays Captain Hastings in the BBC Poirot series) narrates.
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