Sudden Change

Reading Parker Pyne Investigates I was curios why EXACTLY halfway through. (Starting on Case Number 6) why Agatha Christie decided to stop writing about people going to ask him for help at his office and instead put him in exotic locations. Because from that point on she never wrote another story with him back in his office, not even in Problem At Pollensa Bay or the Regetty Mystery. Prehaps someone could provide the answer. Also what do you think of the change? Do you prefer it? Was it a wise move?


  • FrankFrank Queensland, Australia

    Nathan Robert Michael Rees. As you know Parker Pyne is a retired government employee who considers himself to be a "detective of the heart." The exact nature of his former job and his former position in the British government was never stated but in his retirement he applies the knowledge he has acquired from 35 years of work in a statistics office to his new career which he runs from his office at 17 Richmond Street, London. As he is retired his departure from his office in London from case number 6 onwards could be explained by his desire to travel following his retirement. In respect to the last two stories of a total of the 14 short stories published featuring Parker Pyne, his exotic location could be explained due to the fact that the remaining two tales were originally created as vehicles for Agatha Christies most famous sleuth Hercule Poirot but she reworked these into Parker Pyne cases.

  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
    It would have been very monotonous if all the stories had had people coming to his Office just like if all the Miss Marple stories might have been monotonous if they were all set in Villages although I wouldn't have found them so and Agatha Christie would have been able to Carry it off more than if Parker Pyne had got all his clients from the Office setting, It might have been less plausible and hard to come up with different stories although I do think Parker Pyne's best habitat was the Office just like in my view Miss Marple's were English Villages and Poirot's was England, I only say England because he never goes to Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland although Scotland is mentioned in 2 short stories which are reworkings of each other.
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