Which Was Your First Agatha Christie Book?

StathisZavitsanosStathisZavitsanos Attiki, Greece
Μy first Agatha Christie book was 'The Crooked House' . It was a Agatha Christie classic. An old, rich man or woman is murdered and everyone around him has a motive and the opportunity. When I finished I was completely shocked because when I read it ************* (removed because of spoiler - apologies. Spoiler alert buttons to be introduced soon)  But 'The Crooked House' was only the start. I liked it and continued reading and reading... It is a year I am reading Agatha Christie and I have read almost the half she has written. Do you like the Greek cover for 'Crooked House'?


  • AgathasmykidAgathasmykid British Columbia, Canada
    Lol...I read my first Christie too long ago to remember...however I found an old copy of Cards on the Table in my house so I am going to guess that was my first.
  • tudestudes Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    My first Agatha Christie book was Evil under the Sun. I love this book. I re-read it at least once a year. It's also a way to come back in time and remember the good moments that you had in your life. And, of course, it's a very good book.
  • My first Agatha Christie was The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd. I'm very glad I read it first, because it's one the very best. It enticed me to read more. Also it's also mentioned frequently in discussions about her work. If I hadn't read it sooner, I would have found out the ending.

    That Greek cover-  slight SPOILERS!! attrative, but if you haven't read it, does it give a little too much  emphasis on something crucial... 
  • I was 12 when I read The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and was hooked.  I am now 58 and still absolutely love her original works and will read and re-read them forever.


  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States
    Mine was And Then There Were None.  I was 10 and a half when I read it.
  • AmelieGrenierAmelieGrenier Ile-de-France, France
    Mine was And then there were none as well, in French and I was 14. After that one, I read all her books ...
  • SeaSnapSeaSnap Cornwall, United Kingdom
    Mine first Christie was 'The ABC Murders' and I enjoyed it from the first to the last page. The book was better than the TV adaptation, as always
  • LL88LL88 Sofiya, Bulgaria
    "Hallowe'en Party" and I read it in English. Then, several years later, I started buying a collection of her books in Bulgarian, and I read the first of the collection - "The ABC Murders". I was surprised by her style (at that time I did not remember how the storyline of "Hallowe'en Party" was). So, now I still think that "The ABC Murders" is a good starting point in Agatha's work.
    I am still to read "The Mysterious Affair At Styles", though.
  • MariaMaria Pichincha, Ecuador
    My first was Mistress McGinty's Dead (I hope I got the title in English right) I read it in highschool in Spanish and read as many novels I could get here in Ecuador. I hope I could read them all...
  • My firtst book it was The thirteen Problems.Miss Marple.Enjoyed a lot.
  • My first was 'Crooked House'. I thought it was a good book to start at, and it didn't disappoint me at all. It will be a book that I will always re-read.
  • Sad_CypressSad_Cypress Kauno Apskritis, Lithuania
    My first book was "The Adventure Of The Christmas Pudding". I picked it from the library along with "The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd". And it was a great start for me to dive into A. Christie's world :)
  • maxamillionmaxamillion Walsall, United Kingdom
    My first Agatha Christie book was A Murder Is Announced and it has always been my favourite.My first Poirot was Dead Mans Folly and that has always been my favourite.
  • My first book was 4.50 from Paddington, not one of my favourites but I enjoyed it enough to try Death on the Nile which got me hooked.
  • Pat_septemberPat_september Gauteng, South Africa
    I must have read And Then There Were None when I was about 11 or so... I still remember being slightly freaked out towards the end - I realize now that Parental Advisory was not part of my up-bringing - well, nobody ever heard of it back then. Not that long ago, anyway!
    I did a quick search on wikipedia, looks like PA started in USA in 1985 first in music, was used for "explicit lyrics.
    Well, that's about when I read my first Christie.
    I still have that old copy of And Then There Were None and whenever I pick it up I still get the same thrilling-chilly shiver down my spine!

  • roamingrover86roamingrover86 United Kingdom
    My first book was FIVE LITTLE PIGS, I was 16 then & had finished the entire Enid Blyton's Famous Five & Secret Seven collection , Started reading Alfred Hitchcock's three investigators & then tried Agatha Christie's Five little pigs (which was a gift from my brother) got hooked since. I followed it up with 4:50 for Paddy. Got so excited with the locations & stations . The plot was OK. But since then more than the plot I look out for the characters, locations (inside Britain) & Foods! High tea any one? :)
  • Murder in Mesopotamia was the first one I read
  • My first book was Christmas of Poirot,im my language called O natal de Poirot
  • cwa11acecwa11ace Maine, United States
    The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and it's still my favorite today. How many people here have their first book as being their favorite?
  • my first is the mysterious affair at styles, i love it because its actually the first novel by agatha, and im hook with hercule poirot since then.
  • garsigarsi West Bengal, India
    my first book was mysterious affair at styles. i enjoyed it a lot but to my surprise I found that her other books are even more interesting than it.
  • ChristeryChristery Rhode Island, United States
    My first Christie book was The ABC Murders. I was probably about 11 or 12 and was in a quiet old library on a rainy afternoon. I was browsing along the shelves just looking for anything to catch my interest when I came across it. Wow, a serial killer who followed the alphabet seemed very unique and interesting! The next thing I knew I was hunkered down in one of those big overstuffed chairs the library had, the thunder was rumbling outside, and I was totally engrossed in the novel, losing track of all sense of time! I loved the book and was very happy to discover that there were many more Christie books to read. I am now 52 and have read most of her major books but not all of them. Christie is my favorite author and there is something comforting about reading and rereading her books. I know that I will be reading them till I die.
  • ”Poirot's Early Cases” . But the first AC novel I read was ”The Mysterious Affair at Styles”. 
  • My first book was 4:50 from Paddington after watching Maragret Rutherford in Murder She Said i wanted to read the book
  • svcodemansvcodeman Pennsylvania, United States
    My first was The Mysterious Affair of Styles. An instant classic!
  • SerourBSerourB Essex, United Kingdom
    Death on the nile , I kind of have an obsession with Egypt , so when I found the book on the shelve , I got happy and started reading it
  • my first book is Josephine....(ooh i forgot whats the right tittle)
  • iyut.sdg said:
    my first book is Josephine....(ooh i forgot whats the right tittle) Do you live in indonesia? Do you mean The Josefine Diary? It is known as Crooked House. 
  • My first Agatha Christie book was 'The Man in the Brown Suit'. I simply loved the excellent blend adventure, suspense, romance and humour . The characters were so vibrant , the descriptions so vivid. I envied the heroine's life and was thrilled with the storyline. The youthful , fervent enjoyment of this book is still there and I always read it during long and lazy holidays.
  • I have been a fan since I read my first Christie at age 11. It was 4:50 from Paddington, purchased through a school book club magazine. I was intrigued by the cover depicting a red-fingernailed hand, gripped by a man's hand, sliding down the carriage wall, unable to pull the emergency chain.  That book is still one of my favourites; I have since procured a first edition copy with book jacket intact (from a second hand bookstall!). 

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