The Mystery Man game 2013 - coming soon

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It's back for another year, we'll have more to share with you soon but for now this is the place to discuss the upcoming month-long game where members of the official Agatha Christie community will work together to discover the identity of the Mystery Man, who's usually up to no good. 


  • tudestudes Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Nice! I was worry about not have the Mystery Man's game. I'm really anxious about it.It's a special moment for all the fans of Agatha Christie!
  • AgathasmykidAgathasmykid British Columbia, Canada
    Thanks for posting admin!  The mystery man games is one of my favourite features of the old website!  I am also very glad to hear it will be a month long version!  That will make it more fun in my opinion.  Looking forward to the game!
  • LucilleLucille Ontario, Canada
    I'm curious to see what this is all about! I'm new here!
  • Pat_septemberPat_september Gauteng, South Africa
    Of, finally! So happy to hear we'll have another Mystery Man Game!!
  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States
    I'm really looking forward to this!
  • kindovkindov Slaskie, Poland
    One of my favourite Agatha Christie games!
  • glalonzo0408glalonzo0408 Pennsylvania, United States
    Would somebody please explain this to me...I do not know what it is ....thank you.
  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States
    glalonzo0408, the Mystery Man game is a yearly puzzle game (this is the fourth year it's been played) where players follow a series of clues to solve puzzles.  The format is different every year, but may you need to be familiar with a lot of Christie's works to play.  Over the course of the game, fictional characters are "killed" or "kidnapped," and we have to figure out the identity of the perpetrator, the Mystery Man (or Woman), who is a killer from one of Christie's stories.  The clues are often very hard, so we all help each other out on the forums.  We do not provide spoilers or direct answers, just oblique hints for people who are stumped.
  • glalonzo0408glalonzo0408 Pennsylvania, United States
    Wow...that's sounds so intriguing. When will it begin?
  • AgathasmykidAgathasmykid British Columbia, Canada
    I am not sure when it begins, however I try to check in daily to see if it has started.  It certainly is fun, and members really try hard to help each other out, which makes it more fun and really helps you get to know some of the other members on the AC message boards.
  • TommyTommy Vale of Glamorgan, The, United Kingdom
    It will be starting soon, hopefully within the next two weeks - it will be played via a new Facebook page, though anybody can view this page without being on Facebook. Hopefully most of the discussion will take place on the forum here. We hope you like playing!
  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States
    Sounds like fun!  Every year the game is different, and I always have a great time!
  • Looking forward to it.
  • Can people who do not live in the UK or USA play?
  • Pat_septemberPat_september Gauteng, South Africa
    YES, Jelena, everyone can play, everyone CAN win :)
  • Excellent :-) Thank you!
  • I'm new here.  I found this by accident.  I am a Fan of Agatha Christie.  Especially Ms. Marple.  Its the 3rd so I am starting late.
  • Sad_CypressSad_Cypress Kauno Apskritis, Lithuania
    Oh my first Mystery Man Game!
    Looking forward to it! <3
  • TommyTommy Vale of Glamorgan, The, United Kingdom
    I'm new here.  I found this by accident.  I am a Fan of Agatha Christie.  Especially Ms. Marple.  Its the 3rd so I am starting late.
    It doesn't matter when you start, we are only on the third murder of a potential eight so you have plenty of time to read all the Facebook posts and catch up. Good luck and thanks for playing!
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