• Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
    I am confused, Isn't it just a remake of AGATHA or are they going to have her dissappear so she can do hush Hush work for the Government (Like Colin Lamb, Victoria Jones, Tommy and Tuppence and the lady in Destination Unknown?
  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States
    I think that this is based on a similar premise as AGATHA, but it's a totally different plot.  DOCTOR WHO fictionalized the disappearance too, in "The Unicorn and the Wasp."  I think that deceased historical figures can be worked into fictional stories without permission or consent from the descendants.  
  • shanashana Paramaribo, Suriname
    It 's getting crazier !! #-o
  • AgathasmykidAgathasmykid British Columbia, Canada
    I wonder if we will see Poirot be handled in the future like Sherlock Holmes was (The Robert Downey Jr. version)
  • CamronJoCamronJo Wisconsin, United States
    I really don't know what to think about this. On the one hand, I love Agatha. On the other, I don't know if this is going to do her any favors. The movie I'd want to see is one covering one her already amazing books but with a large Hollywood budget. She gave us, like, 66 detective novels to pick from. Why do we suddenly have to turn Agatha herself into a fictionalized character? I'll wait for my complete judgement until it's out but I'm not super hopeful. 
  • mstrsims2mstrsims2 Massachusetts, United States

    I began writing a screenplay on Agatha's life.  It takes place at the 10th anniversary of MOUSETRAP and as she gets ready to accept the accolades she smiles to herself and thinks back.

    Meryl Streep ?

    After seeing her play Julia Child in Julie & Julia, the idea came to me.


  • MarcWatson-GrayMarcWatson-Gray Dundee City, United Kingdom
    I'm all for generating more interest in Agatha Christie's books....The operative word being her  BOOKS....
    Her outstanding body of work alone should be enough.......She will be portrayed as someone who bears no resemblance to her whatsoever......all for the sake of box office receipts......they should leave her memory alone and celebrate her through reading and enjoying her books/plays......
  • AnubisAnubis Ontario, Canada
    Many worthwhile biographical films have been made about real people, and not just for the sake of money. A few years ago, the film "Wodehouse in Exile," presented the experiences of English writer P.G. Wodehouse during and after the Second World War. (He was accused of being a traitor.) It was worthwhile, I think, because it explored the situation in a way that presented Wodehouse as a complete person, not just as a writer of funny books. It was also an interesting dramatic story. I wouldn't be averse to something like that for AC, if there was a dramatic story to it. 
    If you will excuse some black humour, I think an interesting film would be one in which a cheerfully malevolent female author goes around knocking off people who irritate her, and then she writes a book about each occasion — sort of like The Lady Killers with Alec Guinness and Katie Johnson. 
  • MarcWatson-GrayMarcWatson-Gray Dundee City, United Kingdom
    Yes....I agree to some extent...But putting "Agatha Christie" into situations that she was never in....Isn't Agatha why bother to call her Agatha Christie" unless it's to make money............
  • Actually, there is quite a lot of material in AC's biography, as well as 'Come tell me how you live" to make a great movie. I'd start with a brief mention of the dissolution of her first marriage, go on to her journey to Ur, and take it on from there, with an emphasis on her relationship with her second husband Max Maloowan, both personal and professional. There is so much to show there - and If you put in the Woolley scenes and conflicts, there is more than enough material for a good, dramatic story, which doesn't invade AC's privacy or invent her life. 
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