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With Joan Hickson as the best Marple what is the best and worst bbc's Marple stories?
For me Nemesis is great, the best for me, not sure about the murder at the vicarage ??? question marks on that one


  • Agreed Joan Hickson is the best PBS Miss Marple!
  • Joan Hickson is the best and the definitive Miss Marple in my book. Other actresses who played her has paled in comparison and not only that but the BBC productions of the novels are exactly in the spirit of Agatha Christie's books and though there are certain scenes that are changed and omitted from what Christie originally wrote, the changes are not a travesty as the newer ones that Geraldine McEwan or Julie McKenzie has done. All the Miss Marple films with Joan Hickson are all good but there are certain ones that stand out from the bunch, certain ones that are more memorable and in my book are really, REALLY good (top-notch) such as A Murder Is Announced, The Body In The Library, Nemesis, At Bertram's Hotel, and Sleeping Murder. I think the one Miss Marple adaptation with Hickson that I think is "okay" but still good (one that I don't watch as much even though I would most definitely watch it) is They Do It With Mirrors. I have read the book and I think I remember saying to myself that the book was a tad better than the film.
  • For me, out of the Joan Hickson productions,  the worst ones are "Nemesis" and "At Bertram's Hotel", while the best are "Sleeping Murder", "A Murder is Announced", "The Moving Finger" and "The Body in the Library"

    As for the more recent productions, they are all terrible, but "Sleeping Murder""  is the worst.

  • If the recent productions just stuck to what Agatha Christie wrote maybe the new productions would have been good (probably not!). They are not even in the spirit of her books, they are . . . . just awful! It looks they are trying too hard to be relevant and controversial but they don't have to be. Agatha Christie 's books ARE relevant--they stand the test of time and time has proven that and not only that but she attains new fans every year
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    he Miss Marple stories in the First Season of Marple were good (Apart from Body In The Library in which David Walliams, and Ian Richardson are Excellent but The Sittaford Mystery isn't a Miss Marple and the Series didn't get good again until The Final series although I enjoyed bits of By The Pricking of My Thumb and The Blue Gerraneum was better 2nd time of viewing.
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    These are my favourites, i am not so fond of 10,11 or 12 but they are watchable, but are much better and more faithful to the original novels than McEwan/ McKenzie Itv versions
    1. Nemesis
    2. Sleeping Murder 
    3. The Moving Finger
    4. A Caribbean Mystery
    5. The Body in the Library
    6. A Murder is Announced 
    7. 4.50 from Paddington
    8. At Bertrams Hotel 
    9. A Pocket full of Rye 
    10. The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side
    11. They Do it with Mirrors 
    12. The Murder at the Vicarage 

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    1. A Murder Is Announced
    2. 4.50 From Paddington
    3. Sleeping Murder
    4. Murder At The Vicarage
    5. Body In The Library
    6. Nemesis
    7. The Mirror Crack'd
    8. The Moving Finger
    9. At Bertram's Hotel
    10. Pocketful of Rye
    11. Caribbean Mystery
    12. They Do It With Mirrors
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    The First 6 are equal 1st and the next 4 are equal 2nd really., it is a bit of a chore watching 11 and 12.

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