Christmas Changes

I know the adventure of the Christmas pudding is adapted from Christmas adventure, but I want to know what are the changes from Christmas adventure to the adventure of the Christmas pudding?


  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States
    "Pudding" is quite a bit longer, with several added scenes and conversations.  "Adventure" has the young female engaged to a man she doesn't love because he paid for her mother's operation, and the man she really loves is stuck on the sidelines.  "Pudding" has the young female dating a young man her grandfather hates, and the respectable young man who's loved the young woman for years is matched up with a young widow by the grandmother.  "Pudding" opens with a lengthy scene where Poirot is recruited, and has "ONE AS WISHES YOU WELL" added to the warning note.  The young woman's marital status is the major change, although the grandmother has a few more rambling memories about youthful Christmases in "Adventure."  Also, in "Adventure," the ruby's owner is an anonymous powerful man, whereas in "Pudding" he's a prince.
  • @GKCfan, I'm confused because in my copy of "Double Sin and Other Stories", I have The Theft of the Royal Ruby. I'm wondering are both Adventure Of The Christmas Pudding and The Theft of the Royal Ruby the same story in terms of are they both written the same way or does one have more detail and a few changes than the other? 
  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States
    @ChristieFanForLife, there are two stories and three names.  I believe the first version was "The Christmas Adventure."  It's a much shorter version of the story.  "Christmas Adventure" has not been published in a U.S. anthology as far as I know, but you can buy the UK anthology "While the Light Lasts."  Later on, Christie expanded the story significantly, adding characters, dialogue, and details.  As far as I know, "Christmas Pudding" and "Royal Ruby" are the same story, but published under different titles, although I've heard of a case where "Christmas Adventure" was published under either the title "Pudding" or "Ruby," adding more confusion to the mix.  "Double Sin and Other Stories" is the US anthology containing "Ruby," as you know, and "Pudding" is in a UK anthology with some different stories in the volume "The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding."
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