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Is Isobel Winnie's mother?


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    According to the story, yes - Isobel is Winnie's mother. At least, nowwhere in the story (I just reread it) is it hinted otherwise. As to her total unconcern and detachment about Winnie - It seems to be something that was acceptable in certain circles at the time. In "The Razor's Edge" by Somerset Maugham, the central female figure (called Isabel - one wonders whether there was any influence!) is very much a society woman, with social and materialistic goals. She has a husband - not the love of her life but a good provider - and two girls, who she takes good care of - at a remove, but doesn't really care anything about them. Interestingly, there is another parallel, though with different expressions - Christie's Isobel is possessive about her husband, though she reveals it only after she finishes "milking" his true love, while Maugham's Isabel is possessive about her true love that she gave up, and blocks his marrying anybody else. Another example: in "The secret garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett, the mother was so immersed in partying and social life that the daughter only saw her dressed up for an evening's entertainment every once in a while, and had absolutely no contact with her.
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